looking back at 2012 & a blissful New Year!

my word for 2013 is BLISS.

it took a lot for me to commit to that word. i felt like it might be a bit too overzealous, yet my heart kept on wanting, bliss, bliss, bliss.

and i realized that, to me, bliss is all about doing the things for me that make me feel best. 

that means more slowing down, keeping things simple and calm, watching the sun set, admiring the night sky, relaxing, breathing, taking time for yoga and meditation, and walking slowly.

my word for 2012 was BLOOM, which turned out to be all about grounding and growing. 

when i look back at the year, i feel like i didn't DO anything. 2010 and 2011 were filled with goal-reaching achievements and staying on task. and i realized that didn't really suit me.

so i vowed that in 2012 i'd get back to my roots and all of the things that were most important to me. and when i went back through my blog archives, i realized, i still did quite a bit.

2012, i am so very grateful for...

*the crazy cold in january that taught me to slow down and realize work doesn't need to be hard.
*the chance to spend lots and lots of time at the beach.
*began selling prints and cards wholesale to shops around the US and UK.
*found new inspiration in doorways, old writing, nature, and labels.
*my lovely and talented husband who built the perfect platform for my online courses.
*the launch of my second e-course, HOW TO PAINT A GIRL.

*beach-inspired paintings like always, it is yours, set free, and a sense of place.
*moving How To Paint An Owl to the beautiful new ecourse platform.
*flowers from my husband on valentine's day. 
*time to watch the clouds and missing home.

*seeing a fox on the beach, which moved me to paint lots and lots of foxes and helped inspire my online course HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS.

*heading to artfest and teaching How To Paint An Owl at my first big art retreat.
*time to enjoy spring flowers.
*teaching my How To Paint An Owl e-course.
*being featured in Artful Blogging magazine.

*my photo featured in where women create magazine.
*the owl museum in Malaysia purchasing my artwork for their permanent collection.
*revamping my studio to become the ivory room.
*going on nature walks and reading agatha christie novels.

*the beginning of my snooter paintings.
*the start of painting BIG.
*getting back to playing again with my artwork in mindy lacefield's paint your story class.
*seeing artwork from the How To Paint A Girl gallery.

*the evolution of the snooter paintings starting with the FLOWERING LION and BE TRUE.
*getting back to painting owls whenever my confidence wains. 
*all of the spring flowers blooming early.

*the snooters evolving again into wild imaginary creatures like everything will be okay, you are enoughwith faith, march ahead, lady bird and follow your heart.
*trying out and sharing lots of my favorite art supplies.
*launching creative sugar.
*reading Under The Tuscan Sun and starting to write my memoir

*the snooters evolving into fancy owls with legs like mind spring and happy flowers like together.
*launching my third online course, How To Create Whimsical Animals.
*continuing to diagnosis my creative process to get unstuck and keep painting.
*teaching a lesson for the online course life book.
*going to a cabin in the woods to start writing my first ebook (coming in 2013).

*the creation of art magnets, prints, embellished journals and art cards...submitted with originals to somerset studio magazine.
*discovering my love of instagram.
*being asked to include a painting in the local gallery exhibition 44 Presidents.
*an interview by tamara laporte of willowing for life book.
*seeing whimsical animals from my life book lesson.

*old sketches for new mixed media inspirations
*falling in love with fall, flowers and taking photo walks.
*taking part in the local gallery exhibition The Wild Wood of the Imagination.
*being published in Pasticcio Quartz.  

*falling in love with the beautiful mistakes of bleeding art tissue paper, which become part of my creative process.
*being featured in my owl barn's 2013 calendar
*seeing artwork from the How To Create Whimsical Animals gallery.

*launching How To Create Whimsical Animals becomes a self-paced course.
*publishing a photo blog on tumblr
*launching my first mini course, Backgrounds and Layers
*teaching in Christy Tomlinson's 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas class.

*being invited to teach in port townsend, washington in june 2013 with mindy lacefield and danielle daniel for the sugar and spice art retreat (so excited about this!).
*sending paintings to my first out-of-state gallery, artisans on taylor in port townsend, washington. 
*decorating the christmas tree before thanksgiving.
*being interviewed for Brava magazine (out this month...sneak peek coming soon).
*my first big photoshoot...with Brava magazine (so much fun!).
*filming videos for my new website with the uber-talented Dave Kreisman.
*working with my lovely husband on the beginning of my website redesign (coming soon!).

*falling in love with panting BIG.
*the opportunity to take a 3 month sabbatical to refuel my creativity and get back to painting, writing and living calmly.

looking back at the year 2012, it wasn't about DO-ing, but about  grounding deeply to allow myself to BLOOM. and then doing a bit too much to remind myself to stay calm and relax.

at the end of 2011, i reminded myself that "everything will always fall into place."

in 2012, i learned to make the most time for what and who i really love. i remembered the importance of getting back to what heals and inspires me, so i can share it with the world. and i saw that even the craziest dreams can come true.

this encourages me to KEEP ON DREAMING, always. but with the knowledge that things can come easily and calmly. especially when i'm on the right path.

so as i move into 2013, i commit to BLISS.

What are your words and wishes for 2013? 


ps. if you're looking for something to spark your intentions for the new year, i had so much fun going through the lovely susannah conways's free downloadable Unraveling 2013 Workbook.

happy new year!


  1. what a juicy & succulent year you had. I think you might need a nap. that is one successful year. May your bliss this year be as abundant. Thanks for sharing your ride. i look forward to your innovation and adventures in '13.

    1. thanks! i'm really excited about 2013. it's so funny it feels like i didn't "do" much in 2012. it's so nice to step back and really look, remember and relish in everything.

      happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year, Juliette! 2012 has been awesome for you. Well done! Congratulations on all the achievements!

    1. thanks, lucy! it's been an amazing year and so fun to look back at all of the artwork :)

  3. Wow! 2012 was a busy year for you. I've followed along all year and have seen all you've done. When you list everything in one place you realize it really is a lot! I'm wishing 2013 is a Blissful year for you. My word is "grow" for "growing my business, growing artistically, growing healthy, helping my children grow as people". Not too much pressure there. Can't wait for June! Happy New Year.

    1. as i was writing this post, lynda, i kept thinking, "i don't need to include that. i should skip ahead." but that's one of the awesome things about being able to look back at everything on a blog... it's all there. and it was an incredible year.

      can't wait to see you keep growing in 2013! xoxo

  4. Juliette...You have been such an inspiration (and teacher) to me in 2012. My word this year is Focus. My main focus is painting my little girls. In November, I started a new one everyday of the month. Here's a link to the post where I laid them all out (http://whatremainsnow.com/art-every-day-month-2012-last-day/)...all thanks to you! Wishing everything you hope for in 2013 comes true.

    1. what a fabulous project to paint a new piece each month! you are so sweet and i am just happy i could be an inspiration.

      thank you for all of your warm wishes and kindness. hearing from you makes me know i'm on the right track.

      happy new year!

  5. Can't wait to see what you do in 2013!

  6. Love your body of work Julliette! You sure are pretty too! It must have been awesome being asked to teach at artfest, well deserved, would love to attend myself one day. Happy New Year! Sanna

  7. I love your word and your work Juliette. You have a style that's all your own.

  8. oh wow! look at everything you did this year - amazing! you must be so proud. makes me kind of tired looking at it though - lol! :) you're such an inspiration.

  9. wow that is one heck of an amazing year! i have never had a word for the year but i think this year my word will be contentment. i need to learn how to be ok again with where i am and know that i am always right where i am supposed to be. and i am just in love with your style - will have to add your courses to my wish list!

  10. I love, love, love this!! Last year my word was Let It Be, and this year it's LIVE! I'm so excited to see what this year has in store for me and you! You are such an inspiration, I seriously loved your how to paint an owl class, I learned so much!


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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