in love with labels!

lately i've been noticing the most fantastic labels on things! it's such a fun way to make something a little extra unique. 

i fell in love with this library card label after i went ga-ga over the attached shirt...t-shirts screen-printed with lovely images from "out of print" book covers! the label even details where each shirt is manufactured and says a bit about the company. all things that made me make my purchase.

here are a few more favorites. i just love all of the fantastic fonts and colors!

i just can't get enough of these lovely labels! 

what's been inspiring you lately?


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  1. Haha LOVE the library label! That is too unique.

    1. it's so authentically tea-stained and all too :) and filled with all sorts of lovely random names!

  2. Great photos! So many tags and labels are fun to add to your art work.

  3. Oh, that library card is so clever! Totally inspired...

  4. Love labels too... actually a bit obsessed. Nice to find other OCD types with addictions to this stuff:)we did the BYW course together. You doing it again in April?

  5. It's touches like that which make all the difference! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Fantastic Blogpost! I love labels as well. Very clever to do a post on it!

    I see a few that do pertain to me! Some fun ones and some bad - like insufficient funds!! Know it well!

    Keep up the great work. Stop by my blogs. I will follow you! Linda, a BYW student

  7. i love the 2nd name... charlotte bliss... great name.
    follow you bliss is true with this label.

  8. What a cool label! It’s so unique and creative; I bet bookworms are going to love it. Products with creative labels definitely look more appealing to customers. It makes the product a lot more interesting and attractive, thus increasing the product’s selling power.


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