NEW Mixed Media Painting - Follow Your Heart

Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

lately i've been thinking about how the things i used to see in myself as weaknesses, are really my strengths. 

for so long, i felt like my imagination, heart and creativity had no value. it was torture to be at an office job, creating for someone else. but everyone around me always seemed okay with it. so i figured it was just something i'd have to deal with and another box to fit into.

but if i'd let myself continue on that path, i'd be in deep unhappiness. letting my art out has been so healing. and allowing it all to evolve and seeing just where its taken me, really reminds me to follow my heart.

so with this new series of paintings, i continue to remind myself as i paint to have fun and let go. it's tricky sometimes when i want to paint something the way i did before. but with each new painting i find, if i push myself, then every new character becomes the one i most love.  

this painting is one that really fell into place...except for her face.

often times i paint and repaint the entire face, but with this piece, i really just didn't like the hardness behind her eyes. and trying to soften them without completely ruining or painting over them was definitely a lesson in taking small steps and having patience. 

Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

so i went into the background and added my favorite colors to wherever the painting looked too gray. then i defined the character more, using one brushstroke here, another there, to very slowly soften the eyes and change shapes.

i see her as a creature that appears from out of the mist... to whisper in your ear that you're are not only special, but that your gifts and heart are needed in this world, knowing that all you need to do is FOLLOW YOUR HEART.


ps. AND i'm super excited because my painting WITH FAITH, MARCH AHEAD is going to be featured in the upcoming issue of the lovey zine, Pasticcio Quartz!

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  1. I love this painting! What a great post!!! Hit home with me, that's for sure!

  2. You just never know when what you have to say is EXACTLY what someone else needs to hear! Let go and have fun... My left brain has recently been poking fun at my right brain. I needed to hear this! Lovely new painting!The color pallet is delightful, the mood enchanting.
    And a big Congrats on the Feature! That is so thrilling!!

  3. Very lovely painting! This post fits right in with where I've been of late creatively. Needing to just have fun and let go. :)


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