how to paint an owl self-paced now available!

SHE STANDS OUT. Prints available in my etsy shop.

i'm so excited to announce that my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL online painting workshop is now available as a self-paced, instant access e-course that starts July 1! 

i've had so many people tell me that they just don't have enough time to take a class and paint. painting and storytelling is my passion, and i can't resist helping others fill up their lives with a little more creativity every day too! 

i created my how to paint an owl e-course with the intention of sharing the simple shape templates that i use to start my own owls so that others could easily create their own and not feel afraid to start on a blank canvas! i always adore that each owl and character that comes out of my classes has its very own personality. i feel so fortunate to have already seen so many imaginations wander!

if you've been wanting to paint owls, but didn't think you had the time...now you can. with the self-paced, instant access class, you'll have access to the entire class website, any time you'd like, whenever it's convenient for your schedule, for at least a year starting July 1! and you'll still get downloadable pdfs of each lesson too!

and to celebrate! i wanted to share a few of the lovely owls created during the last HOW TO PAINT AN OWL workshop...i just love seeing all of these! thank you to everyone for sharing and for taking a leap of imagination with me!

register right here for the HTPAO self-paced, instant access online painting workshop, which begins July 1.

by caitlin mrsan

by carola bartz

by kim smith

by kyrrha sevco

by susie lafond

by dottie p

and here are a few lovely words from past students that i am so flattered to share with you...

:: "With the e-course I've set up a studio space in my home for the first time, I plan to keep using too. The class has been a true catalyst for the artist within!...It was so much more than what I expected, hard to even put into words. I'll be writing about it in my brand new blog."

:: "Juliette Crane class is very brave, and trusting - putting her whole process out there, generously sharing her own inspirations, and creative thinking, with step by step photos and videos of how she got from point A to point Z (there are many steps in between!)." -

:: "With the e-course I've set up a studio space in my home for the first time, I plan to keep using too. The class has been a true catalyst for the artist within!"

:: "I liked that there was no pressure to participate in discussion but there was the option. I loved your videos (and the music!) and you have such an encouraging voice as a teacher- even online! You share such detail and so much of your own artistic process that it's educational and inspiring."

:: "How to Paint an Owl was even better than I imagined.  I've taken many online art classes, and this is by far one of my favorites.  Juliette set a wonderful pace for the class--it was not overwhelming and for the first time I did not fall behind in an online art class.  The videos were extremely helpful, but the best part for me was how Juliette shared her technique in a simple fashion that was easy and fun to do with pleasing results.  After she explained the simple steps, I was able to paint an owl.  And because it was easy, it was FUN and not frustrating.  This is the most fun I think I've ever had painting.  I think it was the simple formula that Juliette gave you to start every painting.  It took the hard part out of it, and I was able to dive right into the fun part and enjoy the process"


read more testimonials from past students here


  1. Hi Juliette, I have watched your video and had a bit of fun with an owl. Thank you - so much fun. I will enrol in one of your classes after we get back from holiday.
    I wish I could show you my owl.


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