a NEW Mixed Media Painting: Soulful Dreamer


as i mentioned in last week's post with my owl painting DREAM BIG, one of my goals this year was to paint big. 

my husband and i cut frames for tons of canvases early in the year. this lion is one of the few we stretched with canvas. i wanted to make sure i'd use the canvases before we created too many. and it seemed each time i got to painting something larger, something in my jumped back and got intimidated.

one of the problems i had was allowing myself to leave open spaces in the big paintings. i felt since there was so much room, i had to fill it up.

and this lion has stayed pretty much like this since mid-summer. i had the piece up in my home and each day i'd walk by and wonder if it was finished. 

then a few weeks ago, i decided to write a poem on the green ground area beside the lion. after that, i knew this piece was finished. 

here are a few of the in-progress and closeup shots...

for this piece i really used all of my favorite art supplies except paper and glitter (ironically two of my absolute favorites that just didn't really seem to fit this strong lion).

there are layers of water soluble oil pastels, chalk pastels, colored pencils, india ink, acrylics, spray paint, graphite, and wax.

now that this piece and my owl are finished, we've been building lots of new BIG canvases. 

AND i've completely reorganized my studio to accommodate larger pieces (with lots of room to step back and really see everything). 

so, as you read this, i'm happily in my studio painting and playing.


this lion stands strong, waiting for you to recognize and voice your true intentions, knowing your are a SOULFUL DREAMER.

have a wonderful weekend!



ps. i know a lot of you missed my 10% Off Sale on HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS earlier in the week, so I'm extending it through the weekend. 

happy painting!


  1. Very cool! I love how your big paintings are turning out!

    1. thanks! the big paintings are opening up a new space of creativity :) xoxo

  2. Wonderful stuff! I'm enjoying your scrumtuous close-ups of the yummy textures too! I love the expression as if to ask the question of our true intentions. Always worth stopping to think about.:)
    Jess x

    1. i so agree, jess. taking some time off these next few months to journal and paint and just think about that question :)


  3. Gorgeous piece. I loved hearing about your process with it Juliette, and seeing the closeup pics. It's great you're challenging yourself to do bigger paintings - I like your balance of "breathing" space next to the more intricate areas. Beautiful work. All the best!

  4. I love all the colors and textures in this painting. The lion is very pretty.

  5. Juliette this is so adorable. I love your use and choice of colors. And that little face? too cute.

  6. Juliette this is so sweet. I love all the textures and colors.


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