9 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Entering into magic gardens,

admiring multi-colors,

scribbling on chalk boards,

running into mindy lacefield's artwork on larkin poe's album at the record shop,

sitting in bright orange chairs,

enjoying banana pancakes with a little muffin on the side,

soaking in the sunlight,

gazing at rooftops on clear days,

and finding beauty in simplicity.


thank you so much for all of your new year's wishes! i've been busy putting the finishing touches on things for my how to paint a girl e-course and have a sweet little snip-it from one of my painting videos coming up for you tomorrow!

cheers to finding beauty in your every day! 


  1. Wonderful images, playful, beauty - art - life

  2. Lovely. I think I love the doors the best. What is it about photos of doors? Perhaps it is the imagination yearning to enter and run wild on the other side.

  3. thank you!

    i was wondering that too...about doors. i've been taking photos of them non-stop. for me it's definitely the yearning to run to the other side and i love that each one has it's own character...a little clue to what you'll find :) i'm planning another doorways blog post soon :)

    have a lovely day!

    xo, juliette

  4. Lots of pretty here...I love simple beauty like that. Look forward to your video.

  5. I adore that first image! It is so magical... I also love the last photo here. Beautiful shots!

  6. Inspiring, indeed. Loved all images! Those banana pancakes look yummy!

  7. Love all of your images, they are very inspiring...my favourite is gazing into a clear blue sky...

  8. It's lovely where you are!! Thank you for posting your inspirations- love the chalkboard door too. :)

  9. Beautiful post Juliette, what a wonderful way to start the day!


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