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whenever i'm stuck with something, i journal. sometimes i feel like i'm just writing the same thing over and over again. but always, writing clears my head. 

this past week, i've been journaling a lot about positive changes i can make in my daily life for 2012. and the biggest thing for me is changing the idea that i need to work hard. as i've been nursing my cold, i've realized just how hard i've been pushing myself. and after reading this inspiring post by maeg on scoutie girl about recognizing patterns, i'm realizing i often make things so much harder than they need to be.

whenever something feels too easy, it's as if i'm not putting in enough effort. but, as i've been putting together the finishing touches for my how to paint a girl e-course, i'm realizing that when things feel easy, it's most often because i'm doing exactly what i should be doing and loving it. so why make it any harder? 

so i'm going to keep making things easy...and make time for reading fashion magazines i love and wearing fancy sequined skirts...even to the grocery store! 

i'll be sitting back more often with beautiful books and imaginary tales like this edition of the wonderful wizard of oz (with gorgeous illustrations by michael mccurdy).

and i am going to keep up with super healthy things like green smoothies and recipes i love. and this tonic of thyme, garlic, ginger and lemon (which completely kicked my cough)...

and do even more of what i love!


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  1. ~well wishes for you this day...here's to more days ahead of truly doing what you love...sometimes its easy to forget or loose perspective but glad you had a moment of clarity... much love light and blessings

  2. Haha, I love the sequins skirt and applaud you for letting go a bit and not being so hard on yourself. I have to work on this too. Sounds like you are right on track!

  3. thank you! it's definitely been nice to focus on two things i'm really excited about rather than feeling like i have to do ten and only really getting to two :)

    best wishes!

  4. Dear Juliette, This post really resonated with me. I feel I tend to do too much also. Thanks for the reminder to take things easy! Happy 2012 and have a wonderful year doing what you love!! Wini xo

    PS: Do you have a recipe for the tonic? My other half has a cold and I would like to try it. Thanks!


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