a NEW mixed media painting: start to finish

FLOWERING LION. Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

there's something about these flowering lions i've been painting. i think they represent a growth of courage. right now, i'm really focusing on creative projects and living life the way that works for me. which means living simply, adoring the little things, and really listening to my intuition.

looking back at last year and all i'd accomplished, i remember feeling like i had to do it all. as if there wasn't time for everything. i pushed myself so hard, that i forgot what really mattered to me. now i want to be sure that where i put my time and energy aligns with my bigger picture, which to me has to do with a simple lifestyle, but also lies in helping and inspiring others through my stories, writing and art.
so i hope this FLOWERING LION inspires you to look towards what is really calling you. here is how this painting evolved from start to finish...

FLOWERING LION. Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

i'd been playing with layers and color in mindy lacefield's wonderful paint your story e-course. so this painting started out looking much like mindy's paintings. and i wanted to start there, following what she'd been teaching so i could really learn and apply her techniques, but then i wanted to apply it all to my own characters. 

i just love seeing all of the layers up close...

FLOWERING LION. Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

i tried adding the feathers to the top of the head, but when i didn't like that character, it seemed like the perfect transition into the mane of a lion. and so this painting became soft and simple, full of courage and growth from the heart. just as a FLOWERING LION


ps. if you're interested in painting a few whimsical pieces of your own...HOW TO PAINT A GIRL starts today! i can hardly believe it and can't wait to paint with everyone! 

there's also a session of HOW TO PAINT AN OWL coming up in July! 

have an incredible weekend!


  1. LOVE everything about it! Your technique is amazing! The way you layer and layer...it's just beautiful and inspiring.
    Thank you for showing us :)

  2. this might be my fav of yours!!!!!!!
    crazy love, juliette! XOX

  3. I'm with Rachel, I think this is my favorite thus far as well. Great job! It's fantastic.

  4. I love this so much! Your luscious layering, the colors, the lion--ALL of it!!
    Catherine Denton

  5. I love this sweet and colorful lion...and, especially love all that she represents!! :)

  6. Your Flowering Lion is just precious! Beautiful to look at and has a lovely ethereal feel to it. Love it!

  7. Again another great idea that looks beautiful:) Thanks for sharing Juliette!!

  8. LUMINOUS layers. absolutely exquisite! i love to see you grow my sweet friend....xoxo!!

  9. I love all the colors and layers. It always amazes me how paintings transform. Thank you for posting this and your other work in progress paintings.

  10. Absolutely delightful!! The layers just bring it to LIFE. Stunning work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and a peek into the process. I always love seeing all of the changes one piece can go through!

  11. Игра волшебных красок на поляне! Очень эффектно смотрятся цвета и оттенки!!! :-)


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