cloud gazing

lately, i've been thinking so much about having a sense of place. living on the beach for a few weeks, i started to miss home. it felt strange to be immersed in this new environment when i am so used to snow and cold for winter. let alone prairies, grass and pine trees. 

i'm always running into interesting people on the beach. and this one day, a woman from wisconsin pointed out that the sound of the waves crashing is much like the wind through the pine trees. and with that, i felt so much comfort. somehow, the beach suddenly connected with my sense of home.

she went on to mention having a sense of place. and that your place might change throughout your life or even throughout the year. and now i am just completely smitten my the expanse of the ocean (not that i wasn't before), but now it feels more like my place, rising at sunrise and watching the sunset and gazing at these incredible clouds!

it's not only the rainbow of color, but the AMAZING patterns! and it's a new show each day! 

all of which is so incredibly inspiring! and i can't help but let it all seep into my new paintings!

so what's been inspiring you lately?


* i started a facebook page just for my artwork. that's the place i'll be sharing new original paintings first. so if you'd like to get a sneak peek, you can "like" the page right here.

** have a phenomenal weekend!


  1. Such gorgeous skies Juliette! I love that you found your sense of place, by hearing the wind in the pine trees in the sound of the ocean.

  2. Uuuuh I love photographs of the sky!
    Sweet :)

  3. Hi Juliette, I've enjoyed this little post and your gorgeous photos. Just recently I found some time to lie down and simply gaze up above at the beautiful clouds and formations and movement that was happening overhead. It was a wonderfully, relaxing way to switch off from all the busyness that goes on. That was a lovely way to make a connection between your new place of being and your home, a beautiful correlation from another. It's funny how sometimes it takes others to make these correlations for us (o: Liza xxx


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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