Let The Truth Guide You: a NEW Owl Painting

TITLE: Let The Truth Guide You.
Original Painting (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.

lately, i've been feeling like painting little owls again. 

i've been recording a lot of painting videos for my upcoming online course (something new coming very soon!). and all of that painting under a video camera had me craving something familiar. so, i turned back to these owls. 

they're very safe for me to paint. and i feel like i can really express myself in them with ease. 

there are always still a lot of layers though...

this piece began with a lot of red and vibrancy. i used layers of bleeding art tissue paper on the bottom half and loved the rainbow effect. but i just didn't like the rest of the background.

eventually i painted the background all bright red.

but i just couldn't take it. the red overpowered my owl. 

yet i needed to lay down that layer of red to realize it needed a pastel hue.

once i added my vintage decoupage, my owl was ruined. 

i knew that might happened when i brushed on the decoupage and have since realized that using the decoupage and bleeding art tissue paper together are part of my creative process right now. i adore the spontaneous bursts of color that come out of it. 

so instead of getting frustrated with the ruin, i changed my point of view and now see it as another layer. before i add my decoupage, i know my owl isn't really finished.

and from there, i can fix my painting.

here, i added lots of white layers over the color that reached up into my owl's face. i loved what was going on at the chest and wing, so i mostly left that, adding just a bit of definition.

TITLE: Let The Truth Guide You.
Original Painting (SOLD).
Prints available in my etsy shop.

a final coat of wax and this little one was finished!

here's the story behind this painting...

this rainbow owl is here to urge you to let your true colors shine, knowing that strength comes from within by letting your heart grow, just LET THE TRUTH GUIDE YOU.


if you're interested in painting owls with me, HOW TO PAINT AN OWL & HOW TO PAINT A GIRL are now available on-demand as self-study courses! Access the classroom until August 2013, so there's plenty of time to paint!


  1. wow, it sold fast! it's so cute! love this tiny owl!

    1. thanks, lucy!

      most paintings, especially the owls have been going pretty fast, from posting them online (thank you!). so i always post them first on my facebook fan page:

  2. it show there are no mistakes in art only adventures, processes & discoveries. A very heart centred little owl. Love her. thanks for sharing. can't wait for the new course. *

    1. thanks, dana! there's something so calming about painting little owls.

      i'm excited for the new class too...details coming very soon!

  3. What a cute owl. I love that you included the bleeding tissue "mistake" photo. I was curious how it bled through. Is it just Mod Podge that causes this or do other varnishes do it too?

    1. thanks, lynda! here, i used mod podge to get to my "mistake." but it works with a brush on varnish too to get the tissue paper to show through.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! She is sooo cute. Thank you once again for sharing your process. HuGGs!

  5. Beautiful scrummy close-ups of those layers! Her eyes have such a soft gentleness that look out of the picture with love.
    Jess x


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