New Artwork From the Class Galleries

Peace In Dreaming. Prints available in my etsy shop.

Well, I was all set to write a post, sharing artwork from my newest online class HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2

And then I found myself browsing our class facebook page and gushing at so many incredible paintings that had been posted by students in all of my classes

So, I just had to share those too!

It means more than I can ever express to see all of the artwork created during my classes and to hear just how much you are having fun with it all! Thank YOU!

Here are a few recent pieces from the galleries...

Sandy Box

Sallianne Norelli

Peggy McDevitt

Marti Willis

Linda Clark

Linda Clark

Kelly Heggem

Kelly Gau

Katja Ehrenborg

Katja Ehrenborg

Donna Lange

Donna Lange

CherylAnn Robinson

CherylAnn Robinson

Cherie Richter

Catherine Dennis Harris

Ann-Margaret Arnold

Beverley Dyer

Kay Burnett

Kim Smith

Kim Smith

Thank you for taking chances and for following your hearts!

I am so incredibly grateful to be able to share my artwork and paintings with all of you. 

Thank you, always, for your incredible support and kindness. 


ps. See more artwork from HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS here.

pps. See artwork and read testimonials for my other online classes here.

pps. If you're interested in painting together in person... check out the Sugar and Spice Art Retreat (where I'll be teaching in June 2013 with Mindy Lacefiled and Danielle Daniel) and the Lucky Star Art Camp (where I'll be teaching near Austin, TX in October 2013).


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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