LEARNING TO FLY- A New Owl Painting

Learning To Fly.  Original SOLD.
Prints available in my etsy shop.

I have to say, painting this little owl was one of the most fun paintings I've ever created. 

This is one of the Dream Owl projects I share from start to finish in HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2.

Sometimes it's just so lovely when a painting falls right into place. And with this piece, from the beginning, I knew it would be an owl at night.

To create this piece, I started with layers of painted pages for my background.

Then I added all sorts of collage papers, acrylic paints, and inks. 

I imagine this owl as having never been in flight, but dreaming, day and night, about what it might be like... in preparing for the real thing. And from there, this owl got its name and story...

With eyes closed, allowing inside all the peace and calm of the world, this owl is LEARNING TO FLY


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