a NEW VIDEO: Mixed Media Backgrounds

whenever i get stuck with my paintings, i create backgrounds. i usually have four or five going at one time. and i'm never afraid to cover them up. 

i think that's the reason why i love creating my backgrounds so much...because the process feels incredibly free-ing. 

i try and apply that same freedom to all of my paintings. but sometimes i get too attached to one of my characters and tense up before covering the parts i don't like. 

if i get frozen and don't want to try anything new, then i just go back to starting a new background again!

it's all part of my creative process and i've been having so much fun creating all of these backgrounds and layers, i thought i'd share a few with you...

i happened to record the process of some of these backgrounds from start to finish...i hope you enjoy the video!

with music by my friends' the wiggly tendrils

i'm super proud of the new intro and outro for my videos that my lovely husband brian put together... with stunning video footage shot by our good friend and photographer dave kreisman

we spent two days shooting around my studio and home in madison, wisconsin, so i can't wait to share more of the gorgeous videos with you soon!

happy painting!

i'll share more of these new backgrounds, loosening up techniques and how i play with layering art supplies in my newest online workshop, HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2. 

registration opens march 15 and class starts april 15. 


  1. What a lovely treat! I do enjoy your videos so much and particularly how you fearlessly cover up layers with new ones with the painting ever evolving. Thankyou! :)
    Jess xx

    1. so nice to hear, jess! thanks! i'll have to make another video to show what these backgrounds or things like it turned into :)

  2. oh yes! I love the new look to your video(s) - awesome! Are you doing backgrounds for journals pages? i'm just curious as I see you're using the white paper as opposed to a canvas. Or will you cut out sections of the paper and adhere them to a canvas?

    1. thanks! these backgrounds were done to loosen up and get me to stop thinking. i think they probably got ripped up and pasted into backgrounds on canvas. i'll have to make a new video to share that part of the process :)

  3. Love the video, Juliette. The beginning/end sequence really show your personality. Very fun.

  4. You are so sweet :) I love the backgrounds too, totally the best part! Xox

  5. This was wonderful! I loved seeing you create your backgrounds and your video intro/end is super cool!! Cheers, RM :)


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