11 Things That Are Inspiring Me

a tower of cupcakes,

flowers like peppermint candies,

things with history,

new art supplies,

painting out on the backyard patio,

chalk drawings,

the smell of lavender,

pretty little sake sets,

baby goats,

rows of daylillies,

and clouds that seem to be dancing!


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  1. Your post gave me an inspiring start to the day, thoughtful and delightful pictures. The lavender in particular is so lovely I feel I can smell it.

    1. that's so sweet to hear...thank you! just the thought of lavender makes me smile :)

  2. Beautiful inspiring pictures!!! Yum on the cupcakes and love that old truck!!!:O) Thanks for sharing have great day:O)

    1. thank you! there's something about old cars...especially on a farm, that i love :)

  3. LOVE!!!

    nothing like dancing clouds!!


  4. That is so great that one of the things that inspire you is baby goats.. Do you have any??? We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats and they are so very cute even when full grown :) Have a beautiful "inspiring" day!

    1. we don't have goats, but since we saw them on the farm, we've been thinking about getting some. how adorable to have the nigerian dwarfs...they just make me smile :)

  5. Beautiful Juliette, I have been loving receiving your little posts in my inbox so regularly and just wanted to find some time to write you a little thank-you which I don't always get time to do. But, I want you to know that your posts are so very much enjoyed, and always pop a smile on my face. I love your thoughtful words, inspiring photos, and beautiful beautiful art. Thank-you for always sharing with us all (o: Liza x

  6. Beautiful Juliette, I just wanted to make some time to say thankyou for your beautiful posts. I love reading them all and seeing your beautiful inspiring photos, gorgeous artwork and hearing your thoughtful words. REally beautiful, thank-you for sharing with us all, Liza xxx


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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