FREEDOM DWELLING. 10 x 10" on Canvas. Original Available Here.
Prints in my shop.

Painting this little rabbit was one of those pieces where I just wanted to follow what I saw in the paint.

And I saw a rabbit. 

I had painted over an old painting I wasn't liking for the background and had all of this texture at the bottom. But I didn't know what to do next with everything around the rabbit. 

So I went back to using my favorite colors and techniques. 

I found a painted page I'd created in my sketchbook with watercolors and india inks. That became the "sun" in the sky. 

Then I smeared a bit of yellow and red acrylic ink at the bottom. And that became the ground, making all of that texture really pop.

FREEDOM DWELLING. 10 x 10" on Canvas. Original Available Here.
Prints in my shop.
I call this piece FREEDOM DWELLING because in painting it I was reminded to feel the freedom of creating like a child without boundaries, to follow my instincts and to just have fun, letting things be easy and filled with joy.


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pps. I'm away teaching at the Lucky Star art retreat in beautiful Hunt, Texas this week... but I've got a few blog posts scheduled while I am away and can't wait to share all of the photos and stories with you when I return. 


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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