7 Favorite Art Supplies For On The Go

One of my favorite things to do is take my art supplies and sketch outside in the park or at a coffee shop.

But sometimes it's hard to know just what to take with you.

These are some of my favorite, most portable supplies. I'll also often add in one of my favorites acrylic inks, a pencil and some of my other most loved supplies too.

Neon oil pastels (from Gallery),

aquaboard (very light and thin, so they're easily packable),


bristol paper (fun for sketching and gluing with various supplies),

lokta paper (perfect for layering and comes in lovely patterns),

graph paper (also fun for sketching and tearing off strips for layering),

and a mini watercolor set. (this one is by winsor & newton. i love using the cheap crayola brand too, but this set came with a little collapsible brush... just too cute to pass up and it has the most luscious colors).

What are some of your favorite art supplies to bring with you on the go?


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