7 Ways to Slow Down & Refuel Your Spirit

"Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission. The admitting is often very difficult." Julia Cameron


the other day i realized i've been busying up my life and not allowing enough space for what i love.

i tend to get super steeped in creative projects and take more and more on until i get caught up in the whirlwind of tasks. then i step back and realize i've stopped enjoying everything.

now i am really slowing down... allowing only a few projects on my daily to-do list and instead taking time to relax, sew, and, of course, paint! 

what makes my heart soar is cherishing the little things... those small moments in the mornings, painting in the sunshine and dinners with my husband, family and good friends. 

and so often, when i get busy, those are the first things to go.

here are a few other things i do to refuel my creative spirit and stop busying up my every day... these are just a few small things. but i find doing small things each day helps me feel balanced and more at ease. it's a lot easier to start small too.

1. i take a field trip. the things i loved most about school were recess and taking field trips. so whenever i feel bogged down with my every day, i act like a kid again and take a field trip to somewhere i've been dreaming about, but felt i couldn't fit into my schedule. some of my favorite places to go are museums, botanical gardens, the movies, and the crane foundation

2. i read poetry. i especially love ee cummings, rumi and maya angelou. reading poetry is something i do completely without purpose. i'm reading for pure enjoyment. so it reminds me to allow for those open spaces and just feel joy.

3. i turn off my computer. it always helps me to slow down when i get off the internet and unplug. i find that when i'm doing too much, i'm usually also filling up every minute checking something online or sending one quick email (which inevitably leads to five or six more).

4. i go to the library. going to the library and browsing magazines and books automatically makes me slow down and get quiet. i love to happen upon things i didn't know i was looking for and then take time at home or at a coffee shop to just sit and read. i just picked up natalie chanin's new book alabama studio sewing and design, and a few agatha christie and f. scott fitzgerald novels. 

5. i cook... just for fun. for me, cooking is like making pottery or painting. i love to experiment with new recipes and share them with people i love. it's something i do just to get my hands dirty and make a mess in the kitchen. i hate cleaning up, but it's the process that brings me joy. here are a few of my favorite recipes

6. i drink green smoothies and juice. nothing makes me feel healthier than eating greens. so i love to juice a little carrot, apple, cucumber, spinach and ginger or blend greens together in my favorite green smoothie. it's like drinking sunshine. kris carr also gives some fabulous green recipes on her website.

7. i watch oprah's super soul sunday. there are usually watch instantly episodes on the super soul website. the one with brene brown is especially worth watching. i've been in love with oprah for years. and i especially became blown away when she started her show life class. i had the opportunity to meet oprah and eckhart tolle at the taping of the first episode of life class and it changed my life. whenever my spirit is aching i know i will find inspiration on oprah's website. that's how i won tickets to see the live taping. and that experience gave me the knowing to lead my life and business in a more whole-hearted space.

i'd love to hear from you... what do you do to refuel your creative spirit and slow down? do you love to travel? i'd be delighted to know what brings you joy and the journeys you've taken to refuel and rebalance.


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i can't wait to paint with everyone in hunt, texas october 9-13!

pps. if you're looking for a little extra inspiration, get creative in my new workshop HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2. class starts april 15. i can't wait to see the GORGEOUS owls you create!


  1. These are some really good ways to refuel the creative soul. For me, taking a walk outside, listening to the birds and feeling the sunshine on my face is always good. Looking through my craft books also helps me get the creative juices flowing. I like to cook as well but only when I have the time, I don't like to be rushed to get something on the table. I also regularly read blog posts, like this one, I always find something that hits home!

    1. love all of those things, donna. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Good suggestions! I think the number one thing that I do is turn off all electronic gadgets and take a walk. Well, at least when there is ground to walk on and not snow or ice. Getting out of the house is so inspiring and refreshing.


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