SINCERITY- a NEW Lion Painting


this lion had a pretty incredible journey.

this painting actually started out as an eagle i created for a local gallery show. i never work well when i have to paint under a deadline. and i especially can't paint when i'm given a theme. 

when i said yes to painting my interpretation of president Andrew Johnson for the 44 Presidents exhibit, i thought as long as i could do my own interpretation of a president, then i could basically paint whatever came to me.

but that didn't happen. 

however, after layers and layers this eagle emerged. and that's the painting that hung in the exhibit. 

as soon as i got the painting home though, i couldn't wait to paint over it.

i knew that eagle wasn't me. 

it didn't reflect my feelings. yet painting that piece helped me realize i cannot paint on command. i can only paint from my heart. 

and it felt so good to paint over the eagle. i didn't like the girl i'd created, but at least she reflected me.

and when i got frustrated with her busy background and couldn't find her character, i painted everything black.

i left her this way until i returned from painting at the beach. and of course, since i left her too long, i just wasn't feeling this piece anymore. 

so i took it in a new direction, and the eagle and the girl all became part of the lion's story.


i really ached to put my entire heart into this painting. so in its belly i wrote and wrote and wrote.

most of the words got covered up by the tissue paper, but i believe the feelings are all still there, resonating from the canvas. 

even when patience and time wear thin, welcome vulnerability, knowing that in exposing your heart lies connection and the truest SINCERITY.


ps. so excited for class to start april 15!


  1. I love the paintings and the story behind them. Thanks for sharing
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. Mmm..beautiful...loved seeing & reading about it's transformation! Thank you for sharing... ~H♥~

  3. it's one of the most beautiful paintings of yours, juliette, one of my fav!

  4. So beautiful, you can feel this lion has a wisdom of his own, that he has travelled through many lives, like an old soul... I love lions, they hold so much strength and softness, a good metaphor for vulnerability actually...

  5. This lion is SO gorgeous Juliette. Seeing the story of how he emerged is so inspiring. I loved the girl too...ok, and the eagle, lol...but, seeing all the layers it took for him to finally emerge is so interesting to see. Thank you for sharing your process. It is so encouraging! Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. WOW!! He is so beautiful, and the title is perfect!! I did love the girl too, but I know exactly what you mean when you have to paint on command (or commission OY!! I never do that to myself anymore! LOL!) it just doesn't feel good or right. It has to be from the heart...that's when all the joy pours out, and it feels like time slows :o) Wish he wasn't sold already! :o) LOVE your work, you are so inspiring! {{hugs}}! Tammy

  7. I love seeing your process. I'm always reluctant to show a piece in progress but now I see how fascinating it is to get into someone's mind while they are creating. Love.


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