a NEW mixed media painting- TIME FOR CHANGE

Prints available in my etsy shop.

thank YOU so much for all of your birthday wishes and beautiful, inspiring comments in last week's GIVEAWAY post

i cannot even express how much your words and kindness mean to me. you truly lift my heart.

if you haven't entered the giveaway yet, the winner will be chosen tomorrow, so there's still time to enter here.

i had an absolutely amazing birthday weekend full of pure enjoyment and relaxation. check out some of the photos on instagram and tumblr

i also happened to do a bit of painting...

i've really been pushing myself to paint in new directions. there have been many times that i've had to remind myself to enjoy the process. it's always hardest whenever i'm trying something new.

and whenever i get frustrated with painting something new, i return to painting what is comfortable. and, for me, that means painting owls. 

it seems i just cannot stop painting owls.

and this little owl started off so cute and cuddly, but as i further defined his face and feathers he began to tell a different story.

Prints available in my etsy shop.

when i had trouble finding the owl's character and defining its outline, i painted the background black. 

then the painting became too dark and lost its whimsy. so i added a layer of ocean blue over the black and had so much fun scratching into the paint to reveal slivers of the black.

the owl was still missing something. so as a last touch i added lots and lots of white glitter, which perfectly complimented the neon red heart.

this owl has traveled the world, knowing her heart has always been at home and it is TIME FOR CHANGE.


ps. thank you for all of your kindness. i wish you all lots of love and joy! 

pps. on friday, i'll announce the giveaway winner!


  1. WoOt, wOot Juliette Crane! I would LOVE to win! I LOVE owls! I love your art work! It is beautiful! I would love to win to add to my art skills for creating my owls.

    ; )
    Elizabeth Aviles

  2. What happy whimsical work you do! I love it.
    Mary schweitzer

  3. Glitter! What a great idea. Ooo, what about that medium with the tiny beads in it? Gotta try that, too! BTW, I'm thoroughly enjoying the How to Paint an Owl class. I have a background done, just need to buy some chalk. I KNOW I'll need to rub out the first 10 or so tries.

  4. I love this little owl and her message. ♥

  5. beautiful work. so cute owl ;)

  6. Fantastic owl! I love the soft look. I wonder what he's looking at? Such a great painting!

  7. Interesting to find out why you paint a lot of owls. I guess it's also great to become known to specialize in owls.


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