6 NEW Art Supplies I'm Currently Loving

lately i've been experimenting with lots of new art supplies. it's so fun to see how they do and don't work together. and to come up with fun combinations i would never think of or see..unless it was for the beautiful mistakes that come from trying something new.

rub-on decals

i absolutely adore using these to embellish paintings, or anything really. these strawberry decals remind me of the strawberry shortcake dolls i had as a kid. back then, i hated that everyone thought i looked liked strawberry shortcake with my red hair. but now, seeing these brings back sweet memories of having fun and being creative.

i adore that these run-ons are so easy to use too. it's a great way to quickly and easily add detail to a piece.

giant kid brushes

these brushes are so fun to use, especially with your non-dominant hand. they completely make you feel like a kid. not just because of the colors, but they're inexpensive, so when i paint with them, there's no need to be too careful. after a few uses, the bristles get pretty crazy too. so they're perfect for filing in backgrounds or covering up large spaces and staying loose. 


i usually make my own stencils by drawing a design or printing it on typing paper, then cutting the shapes out with scissors. but when i'm looking for something a little more detailed, the store-bought stencils are fun to try. i especially like finding cut-outs like these birch trees that allow for amazing negative...perfect to let backgrounds show through to the next layer of a painting.

old school watercolors

these are the watercolors i had as a kid. again, they're inexpensive and the colors are super sheer, so they're perfect for creating layers. the colors are also extremely vibrant and really pop.

liquid watercolors

i found these and purchased them because i adore the colors. they're labeled as "authentic chinese watercolors," but from what i can tell, they are just like my other watercolors that come in a tube. i love these because they're so fun to layer with acrylics in larger areas, especially for vibrant backgrounds.

 white gesso

lately i've been really into white or ivory backgrounds, especially for my skies. i really love the clean, wide open space feel it gives. and white gesso works well in place of acrylic to cover up large areas and mix with a bit of acrylic to create a lighter, whimsical hue. i find i'm not as careful with it either (compared to nice, white acrylic), so it's fun to layer on and scrape away, showing some of the underneath colors, shapes, stencils and details. 

What Are Your Favorite Art Supplies? I'd be delighted to know.


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  1. Such fun to find and buy juicy art supplies like these. Where do you find them? The art and craft shops here don't have anything like these goodies.

  2. I've got some student grade water colour recently, too. And I'm going to play that with acrylic and see how that work.

  3. I've been using the crayola kids watercolors lately too. The colors are so rich!!

  4. Love this post..white Gesso is one of my favorite artistic HAVE to have items..I only use old school watercolor and have a few tubes of just favorite colors for more vibrancy but that is all..not sure where you found the fine tipped pastels but that would certainly make me want to use them more often..I've tried to sharpen mine but its rather messy and doesn't last long LOL Besides that I got a rather expensive set o I feel like I'm wasting them to sharpen them..Beautiful images and inspiring Juliette!

    p.s.I once gave myself a challenge to go into my kitchen / utility room and seek objects to paint with that would give me nice textures..it was amazing what I found..exploring is fun is it not?!

  5. Lovely post, great to see your new art stash. I have just ordered a whole heap of art supplies. New brand of drawing paper, coloured pencils and spray paints.
    I bet ;iquid watercolours give such juicy results

  6. I'm having fun with clear gesso mixed with a bit of liquid acrylic to make a gesso wash. I rub it off in places too... so you can see the old music, dictionary or literature pages underneath!

  7. I love new supplies! I've recently been having fun getting to know some of Golden's paints & pastes.

  8. I love your use of old watercolors I still have my crayolas myself! By the way your owls are absolutely adorable!

  9. I love using the Dylusions Ink sprays...so fun with stencils or spray and drip with water....in love!


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