a NEW mixed media painting video!

i am SO excited for my newest online course, HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS to start next week!

my hope for you in this course is that you can build a library of critters using simple shapes and learn techniques to easily paint in a style that is unique and original to YOU! it's all about finding and strengthening your authentic voice and making your artwork feel more like your own, so that when you come to a blank canvas it's fun to create and you always have a place to begin. 

watching this video makes me smile because i can see just how many layers went into this painting already. and i love how much the bunny looks like she's dancing. this is something that was completely unplanned, which is why i love starting with these simple shapes. it gives me a place to begin and from there i let my imagination go and give a bunny legs. and with a few more layers, it's amazing to me that she appears to be dancing and gets this wild polka-dotted collar. it's all in the process. 

i know that as long as i keep having fun with a painting and walk away whenever i'm not, i always discover something new. i just adore it when a painting reveals itself right before my eyes!

still,  i do get frustrated with my paintings sometimes. but by recording my process in film and photos, i've seen how i get myself out of ugly spots and that helps me remember how to do it again. that's why i love sharing it all with you...within my mistakes, i know there is something for you to take and learn from too!


i feel so grateful to be able to share my paintings and techniques with all of you. and let me tell you, i can't wait to share even more! i have lots of  BIG projects in the works! 

in the meantime, i hope you enjoy this little video! it's a snip-it from one of the projects we'll be working on from start to finish in HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS. i can't wait to paint with you!


ps. did you catch the fabulous song, OF THE SUN, by the wiggly tendrils? i just can't even say how grateful i am to them for letting me use their music in all of my painting videos! check out their music in the painting videos for How To Paint An Owl and How To Paint A Girl.

pps. i'm sending out my monthly newsletter soon-ish. if you'd like to hear all of the latest and be the first to see new paintings, sign up here.

have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. The rabbit is so so cute! and Love how she's dancing, too, and the owl is watching, or is she ready to join the move?

    1. we'll see what that owl ends up doing...it's still a painting in progress. i know that bunny will stay...i'm excited to see about the owl :) i've been loving characters in pairs :)

  2. So excited for this course! I don't know if I could wait another week!

    1. so happy you're excited...i can't wait! it's really just a few more days :)

      have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  3. Hi Juliette, it looks like a great project, your art and techniques are fascinating to watch. The course is sure to be a success! :)
    jess x x

  4. I messed up my email organisation and thought I might have missed the start date when I couldn't find emails. 15th seems such a long way away :)

  5. So beautiful Juliette! I wish I could join in!

  6. Always love watching your art videos, so soothing and inspiring, they get me wanting to get up and go and paint! And love the Wiggly Tendrils, such a perfect audio match with your visual process. Thanks for sharing :)


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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