CREATIVE SUGAR with Heidi M Mcdonald

I started my weekly blog series CREATIVE SUGAR  to promote positivity and provide a platform for everyone to share their unique stories, knowledge and experiences, showcasing the beauty, connection, and inspiration that exists in our every day.

This week on CREATIVE SUGAR, I'm delighted to share inspiration from Heidi M Mcdonald (Dorset. UK).

What’s the greatest advice you’ve been given?

I was told "always be open to learning" and this has been the best advice ever.I always feel there is something to learn, in life and especially in art.If i consider and visualise a door always being open to , new paths in art - where there is always room to learn, grow and flourish it makes it all so exciting...it makes it a on going adventure 

What’s some not-so-great advice you’ve been given?

I have been told many times that in the art world there are so many people like me trying to make it with their art - it's too competitive, so much talent - "why bother." 

and the classic line, " get a more stable job. a real job"

If i don't keep trying i will never know, and just the by creating your making it.

What's Your Biggest Dream?

My long held dreams is to create and have published children's books, i am currently working on a book idea and have many more stories i hope will unfold for others to read and share. I would love also to keep doing what i am doing, painting and creating new characters and mix media illustrative paintings and grow with this.

What's Your Favorite Memory?

My Favourite memory is when I sat on a sunny day with my Grandma as she taught me to knit, - she opened up a whole world to me of creativity that seemed so exciting and magical ( its still feels that way ). I loved to hear the click clack of her of needles as she knitted up jumpers,blankets, toys. 

She is 95 now and still knits. Inspirational!

pps. HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS starts next week! i'm so excited to paint with everyone!


  1. I love your "creative sugar" spots! They are so inspiring and fun to read. But then again, so is your whole blog! Love ya! Cary

  2. Great post! And her little girls are the cutest!

  3. What a great post! Thanks for sharing this with us! I love Heidi's work!

  4. I enjoyed hearing about one of my favorite UK peeps, Heidi!

  5. thanks for letting me be part of the feature and thanks for comments on my art people :) x


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