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A lot of people have been asking whether I’m afraid to be sharing all of my secrets whenever I teach or share my work.

And lately it's something I've been thinking a lot about... with my How To Paint An Owl article in Somerset Studio magazine, my in-person workshops and my online painting workshops. Students ask whether it’s alright to take what they’ve learned in my workshops and use those techniques in their paintings and post them online. And whether it's okay to sell those paintings.

Well, the other day I stumbled upon an interview with Maya Angelou on Oprah Winfrey's Master Class series (it's so worth watching!). And when I watched this video, Maya Angelou's words mirrored how I feel about it all.

The video is called, "Hold Nothing Back" (January 16, 2011). In it Maya says, "I hold nothing back. Because I want to see that light go off. I like to see that you would think 'I never thought of that before."

When I watch that video and hear Maya Angelou speak I get shivers. Because why on earth would I want to hold anything back when I get emails from people who have been so inspired by my work and teachings, saying that they've truly changed their lives. 

I'm honored to be sharing and creating my artwork and stories. Not to mention completely inspired by all of the AMAZING paintings that have been created in my workshops...

by debra benedict

by jane tormey

by steph hennes

by sarah hennes

Beth McCurdy

Beth McCurdy

Heidi McDonald

If someone paints an owl, girl or any character inspired by my workshops, lessons or writing…it’s always nice to add a link from wherever you've posted your work to my website, shop, or blog, whether you feel comfortable enough to sell your creation or if you’re posting a photo on the internet (on facebook, on your own blog etc).

Since this is how I make my living, any and all mentions, links, and kind words about me and my work are always appreciated. 

autumn wind. prints available in my etsy shop.

If someone copied one of my paintings, whether it was an owl, a girl, or any one of my characters, and used the same color palette and posture along with the techniques I teach in my workshops… well, then I wouldn’t be happy. Especially if the artist didn't mention my work and if that piece of art was available for sale. If you’re selling a painting inspired by my work or my workshops and you feel it seems a bit too close to something I or someone else has created, then it probably is.

If you're starting with something similar to one of my characters, techniques or backgrounds, I feel it’s important to keep pushing yourself to uncover your own story from there.  

I’m passionate about others finding and following whatever they’re passionate about in life. And that doesn’t just mean being inspired to paint, but to create anything you’ve been dreaming about, whether it’s turning your guest bedroom into a library, working at a winery for the summer or taking photos on your morning walks. To me, it’s about learning something new and being inspired to create something and take it in your own direction.

I know I am always learning. My style and artwork is always evolving. That’s why I don’t mind teaching everything I learn because I’m usually already learning or trying something new. So it only seems natural to share. 

I’m here to share my art and to give others a place to begin. My hope is that their imagination can wander from there! 


ps. If you see someone using or copying my artwork or another artist's work illegally, it's always fabulous to let the artist know.

pps. Read about what past students have said about my workshops and see more of their GORGEOUS artwork here.


  1. Wow! Look at all the beauty you have taught and inspired! Way to go!!!
    Good post BTW. Great explanation and outlook.

  2. Beautifuly said Juliette! How would we learn if nobody shared. Thank you for sharing. :) Sadly I'm not taking your workshop but I'm always inspired by your beautiful artwork.

  3. Beautifully said by you and Maya. I've loved being guided down the artistic path by women who graciously shared with me.
    My Blog

  4. Thoughtful and lovely post. I too have been thinking about this very issue. I feel so protective about my trade secrets sometimes. I appreciate your thoughts and think I should check out the Oprah video!

  5. What a wonderfully expressed post, so thoughtful and full of love and support but with clear boundaries....thankyou for sharing and continuing to inspire :)xx

  6. So so many fabulous pieces of work from your class. You are so fabulous sharing this gift with so many people. See you very very soon. yay yay yay! xx

  7. years ago i made little wooden signs -which i sold at markets and a few shops. People always asked questions about how i made them etc. i didn't mind sharing - even though it was my business. part of living a creative life for me is about sharing your work - using it to inspire others. eventually we do find our own voice -sometimes we just need a helping hand. (but yes it can be irritating when someone sets up next to you and sells the exact some thing as you have made - which happened to me! - but i got over it and designed a whole new range)

  8. thank you much for sharing your artful journey PLUS your bravery, courage & strength of character! :)

  9. Thanks for this post Juliette, I will definitely check out the Maya and Oprah link. I know being in your How to Paint and Owl e-course has been a fantastic experience. Your sharing of your technique has allowed me to explore my style more than ever before.
    Thank you so very much for your openness, think of it as a paying it forward gift to many.

  10. well said! you are such an inspiration of love and joy. xo

  11. Thank you Juilette, I appreciate this on so many levels. I appreciate you as a teacher, as an artist, as a person. I admire your heart and your talent. I understand that you struggled with the question, that it is difficult to allow something so indelibly a part of you to suddenly become a "public" part of someone else....their creation....however, it will always be that it blossomed from your heart and experience and now, evolves from those parts of someone else; with a part of your soul at its core. That's what great teachers do. I don't know if you are like me and you wonder what your purpose on earth really is, but I suspect this is at least a part of yours.

  12. thank you for sharing all the sweet awesome paintings from your students. congrats on the e-course! bravo dear girl. have fun in england. give beth and louise a big ol hug from me. xo

  13. Beautiful that you are so open! I'm thrilled to learn from you. Happy Owls!

  14. The ability to share your talent so freely speaks volumes about the integrity and warmth you have as a person. I am having a wonderful time learning your techniques in the e-course, I feel very lucky to have a creative journey inspired by talented and gifted artists, such as yourself. Thank you for your honesty and sharing, in learning all these new things I am SO inspired to create and embark on my own new creative adventures!!

  15. thank you so much...all of your comments and kindness so inspires me to keep sharing...and to always keep creating too!


  16. I haven't started painting yet but have told all the family their getting paintings of owls for Christmas. That's if I am able to give them away. I have a collection of owl ornaments which I love and is growing so maybe I shall keep all my paintings and they can all be friends. I think it will be hard to give them away especially if they turn out well and actually look like owls. But from what I see from your help and instructions I shouldn't go wrong.
    Can't wait to show you my first owl. Wendy Jayne.

  17. can't wait to see your owl paintings, wendy jayne!

    xo, juliette

  18. I have done more than one online workshop. There is something about your style that makes me relax. I start out with 'your idea' and then because I'm relaxed sometimes can let go of wanting to make something pretty and try out some moves and twists of my own. I've been creatively stuck for years and for your gift of your workshops I'll be more than happy to refer, link back to you!


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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