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before i officially started my creative business, i opened my etsy shop and sold beaded earrings and feather hairclips.

these were things that were easy for me to put out into the world. while it felt weird at first, having an online shop and wondering if anyone would ever purchase anything, this was the perfect place to start. 

i remember going to the craft store to find beads and feathers and always stopping to pick up the latest issue of somerset studio magazinegushing over all of the artwork in every issue.

i had no idea that a year later, my owls would be featured in that same gorgeous magazine. i hadn't even started painting owls yet. and i didn't dream of teaching.

i submitted artwork twice to somerset studio, sending in small illustrations that i created just for their special issues, but i was too scared to send in my best work. to me, shipping original paintings to a publication seemed crazy and way too vulnerable. needless to say, those first submissions didn't make it into the magazine.

it wasn't until i submitted many of my owl paintings to the magazine in a HUGE box that the lovely editor-in-chief of stampington and company, christen oliviarez asked me to write an article on how i paint my owls.

amazingly, that step led to me teaching a few in-person owl painting workshops locally and then to launching my first online class HOW TO PAINT AN OWL.

and now i'm crazy honored to have some of my whimsical animal paintings along with an article on my creative process featured in the march issue of somerset studio.

not to mention, my article is in the same issue as a cover story with the amazing cori dantini, who was one of the first artists i met online after she'd complimented my artwork. that was a huge support at the time, especially coming from someone i'd never met.

sometimes it's those little things that keep you going. and you never ever know just where everything might lead.  



ps. THANK YOU so much to everyone for all of your kindness and support around my new workshop HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2

an owl landed in the pine tree outside my house over the weekend, which, i'd say, is a pretty fabulous sign that this is going to be an INCREDIBLE class. and i cannot wait to paint with everyone!

if you're interested in painting owls with us, for all of the details and register for HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2 right here


pps. i just got back the paintings from this article and have listed the originals in my online shop.


  1. SOOOOOOO exciting for you!! Congrats! :) I love reading how people get started-maybe if I just keep going I'll find where I am headed!! :)
    Congrats again! Can't wait to get my copy!

  2. Yay! Congaratulations! You and your owls dederved this!

  3. Congrats and I have this issue and loved your article and artwork!!

  4. What a gorgeous layout! Cheers to you for combining your two creative loves: art and writing.

  5. yah! I am so excited for you... and your owls :)

  6. AWESOME!! the featured painting in SS is just spectacular. you are just have a beautiful way of creating! congrats friend.xoxo!

  7. Congrats.... Love the work in the magazine.
    Liefs, Melanie

  8. I loved your article, Juliette! The whole issue was fabulous and I'm so excited to learn about Cori. I hadn't heard of her and her art is amazing.

  9. I am delighted for you Juliette! we cant get the magazine here, but i dream of seeing my art there too one day.
    Your story is so inspiring, I love to follow your blog.
    Congratulations, your art is just beautiful!

  10. sometimes it's those little things that keep you going. and you never ever know just where everything might lead.

    congratulations :D and i lovee those words you put to end this post ^o^

  11. Congratulations!! Your drawings look great on the magazine :))

  12. Huge congrats! You're living the dream :)

  13. I bought that magazine! i saw you in it i got a bit excited!! congratulations!
    xo sandra

  14. Thanks for sharing your inspiring journey!

  15. I have saved that first owl issue and tried to paint an owl...It was a little challenging....I'm so excited to take an actual class and see your hands painting an owl, thank you so much for this class.


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