7 Things That Are Making Me Smile

Smiling gnomes (hidden in front yards),

white owls,

happy messages,

striped flowers in the sun,

paint and my vintage paper collection,

afternoons at the lake,


if you've been waiting for the right time to paint, now is the perfect moment...both my HOW TO PAINT A GIRL & HOW TO PAINT AN OWL online art workshops are now available on-demand as self-study courses! Access the classroom until August 2013...the sooner you sign up, the longer you'll have to paint.


  1. Love the purple flower photo Juliette and have you seen Gnomeo and Juliet? I LOVE that movie and it makes me want a yard obnoxiously filled with gnomes...so that people drive by and think look at all that crap in their yard!!LOL Every time I see one now I imagine them coming to life like in the movie...adorable!

  2. What a yummy background you've started!

  3. I love that collage! Such happy things!


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