9 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Rows of books,

butterfly landings,

giant cinnamon rolls,

colors of contrast,

green owls,

picnics at the lake,

drawing with chalk in the mornings,

putting on my painting jeans,

and close-ups!


ps. i was just a little amazed the other day when my friends ann-margaret and hannah nunn mentioned they'd seen me in the amazing magazine, where women create

why yes, that is me in the bottom photo there next to the incredible suzy ultman at the creative connection event! i was completely smitten in that moment as we chatted about inspiration and art! 

in case you missed my recap of the event, you can find it right here


opening of the owl museum, malaysia.
photo via Penang's Buletin Mutiara

pps. i'm so excited to see this photo from the owl museum in malaysia. the museum purchased some of my owl prints for their collection... you can see my owls featured right there in the corner of this photo taken at the museum's opening, which apparently attracted more than 8,000 visitors last weekend! there's an article all about the museum and their collection right here.

so fun to see that the reproduction of my painting SHE STANDS OUT is the owl standing right there front and center in this photo. that's what that painting is all about...and it's been especially true of the reproductions ever since the original painting was stolen from a gallery last summer.


  1. LOVE this post and the sweet energy behind it! Thanks. A great way to wake up!

  2. Love all the inspirations!! Yum on that gigantic cinnamon roll!!!:O)

  3. Thanks for sharing Juliette! It's always wonderful to see what inspires other artists! Have a beautiful and creative day!

  4. Nice post, Juliette. I love that your owls are in an owl museum in Malaysia. That's so cool!!

    1. thanks! i was so excited to see them in the photo...all framed and looking lovely :)

  5. thank you! now that the weather is warming up, i can't help but take lots and lots of photo walks!



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