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Original and Prints in various sizes available in my etsy shop.

i so wish i had a few in progress shots of this snowy white owl. i've been trying for some time to paint an owl that flows in and out of its background. there's just something in me that wants to be expressed, and for some reason having no clear outline, no distinct edges, just flowing into the surroundings is exactly what i was going for. but for a while i didn't know how to create it. 

 TITLE: BURROW. by Tim's Sally

i had seen this gorgeous painting by the lovely and oh so talented mindy lacefield (tim's sally) and i just could not get it out of my head. i just adore the simple color palette and the way the owl is there, but not quite there. like it would be if you happened to catch it in a snowy woods. that was something i wished to capture in my paintings.

 TITLE: REFLECTION. by Tim's Sally

along with the beauty, calm and inner reflection i felt from Mindy's painting Reflection. i wanted to capture the feeling i felt just looking at it.

since i am a huge believer in following those things that catch you eye, i tried and tried to capture the things i loved about these two paintings in my own work. i feel like whenever i'm drawn to something new, it's a clue of something in me that's trying to get out, yet i don't know just how to express it. 

after being inspired by mindy's paintings i found all sorts of snowy owl photos and put them up around my studio. but then i lost the feeling of me behind what i was creating. so the photos all came down and i brought out some of my newer owl paintings and used them for inspiration. things still weren't going in a happy direction. 

Original and Prints in various sizes available in my etsy shop.

but then last friday i did my photo shoot for CURB magazine (more on that in FRIDAY's post!). i moved my studio outside and brought out these owls i'd been working on. and i swear, as soon as the journalist and photographer left my backyard, it was as if something lifted and i FINALLY finished this painting!

and the part i really love most about her, is her glitter eye shadow. perhaps that's an homage to the bright blue, purple and green glitter eye shadow i wore just after college. the eye shadow that when i visited the markets in Ghana, Africa a group of children asked me, "why do you paint your eyes?" i also had long, glow-in-the dark extensions in my hair at that time. so the question really got me thinking about just what it was i was hiding from.  


i was trying to come up with a title that embodied the calm i feel looking at this painting. it's like whatever is going on around you, you can always find the calm that rests inside, over your heart. and then the full title finally came to me when i saw that the blue on her head resembled a clear sky and that  her face is shaped like a heart!


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  1. What a fantastic title to go with such a beautiful painting. There is something so peaceful about her eyes. I love these words "you can always find the calm that rests inside, over your heart" So true. Beautiful!

  2. she is gorgeous. i love her swirly tummy. you sharing your process & break through is so wonderful. more owls please. so pleasing to ones soul...

  3. I love her! She looks like a wise princess

  4. she's beautiful. that's a very nice title, too!

  5. How did I miss your house tour??? I love it!! It is almost inspiring enough to get up and clean out my house...almost!! haha

    I love Burrow, the cream with hints of color is just gorgeous. Mindy is awesome, she taught me to use a hint of bright red in just about all of my paintings. I love it!


  6. Love it, Juliette! Gorgeous. She's the only creature to ever actually look good in loads of blue eye shadow...and yet we all tried it!

    Tim's Sally has inspired me, too - did you ever see this post featuring one of her peg dolls? Thought you'd enjoy... http://www.choosingbeauty.com/2010/08/082510-choosing-to-share-adventures-of.html

  7. How interesting to read about the process behind one of your remarkable pieces of art work.

  8. she is beautiful, calm and wise with just the right touch of sparkle!

  9. I always enjoy reading about your process...
    This latest is beautiful - you can see the inspiration, but it's still your own.


    p.s. the house tour was great :)

  10. thank you! i just finished another painting and made sure to photograph it every step of the way! it's sort of amazing even to me how they evolve :)

    i'll be posting the new one and all of the in-progress shots next week!


  11. I love your blog posts! You are such an inspiration!

  12. Dear Juliette-your owl is beautiful...she really does sparkle! Sometimes it just happens like that-you work on something for so long and it doesn't work...and then one day! It all comes together!
    Thanks for your home tour...I especially love your kitchen-those hugs glass doors were a great decision! But the best part (to me) is your amazing backyard! It looks like paradise to me...love all the stonework and trees and the cosy feel it has. xxx

  13. Juliette thanks for sharing Tim's Sally . . . Love the owls! I will have to check them out I am not familiar with the work.

    You new piece is lovely! So cute and colorful!

    You are inspiring! :)

  14. These owls are gorgeous!! x

  15. I adore these owls! The colors and textures to your paintings are incredible and you've created such a wonderful atmosphere with them. I feel like the last owl in particular is staring straight at me, and I just want to look back!

  16. thank you for the lovely tribute and feature. it warms my heart to know that my work inspires you. you are ONE of a kind dear juliette. i so love your owl. she is queen.

    all my love,

  17. This owl is a beauty and I just adore the title...keep up the open honesty and creativity Juliette, your a lovely and wonderful inspiration:D XO.


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