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i mentioned we cleaned our house like mad for open art studios. so i thought i'd let you in on a bit of a home tour!

 my studio, which i dubbed the green room, has definitely evolved these last few months. half the room is for printing, packaging and shipping items, and the rest is all about creating art!

i keep this little photo of me and brian in the built-in nook. and see that paper mache bowl on the left? that's one of the first projects i remember doing in school. i think it's from kindergarten. i just love that i used so many colors splattered on the inside. 

the little ox figure to the right of the bowl is a project i did last year during my arttist's way group. it was one of those things i did to get back in touch with the kid in me again. i went to the toy store and found some of that super colorful, bake-able play-dough. and the best part is, it glows in the dark!

i definitely recommend a project like that or even a trip to the toy store if you're looking for a way to have fun with art again!

i do a lot of my laptop work here at the kitchen table. when we first moved into the house, there was just one small door looking out to the backyard, so we knocked out almost the entire wall and filled the space with the BIGGEST sliding glass door!

now you can even be in the living room and have lots and lots of beautiful light!

straight out that giant sliding glass door, we put in this gorgeous blue stone patio-all ourselves! brian likes to say we were "totally ripped" that summer. i just remember sweating A LOT! but all the work was so worth it. 

 we even designed the steps coming off the house and the set heading into the rest of the yard.

 i just love being completely surrounded by lots of garden and it's really the best place to be in spring when all the little flowers and greens start to pop up from the ground. and a perfect place to paint!

it's definitely our favorite place to have breakfast on sunday mornings or sit pretty much anytime. right there on the right side of the photo is one of our Dr. Evermor birds. It has this brilliant long neck made from a spring and lots of giant scissors blades for wings.

and i think it's completely adorable that brian actually had this lovely wrought iron table and chairs before we even started dating!

he's also always kept this little sign hanging around, which tells me we were definitely made for one another.

just look at the juxtaposition of art and music in our home! it's really everywhere and a perfect balance between brian and i. 

the living room just might be where music gets played most often. we'll usually have a bunch of people spread out on the sofas and on bean bags, all playing music on guitars, drums, maracas...whatever we have around!

we framed lots of photos we've taken everywhere we traveled. and that sofa here has got to be the most comfortable sofa ever. it's one that if you sit all the way back on it, your feet don't even touch the ground!

we also have this giant window in the kitchen. on the sides, are two smaller windows that fit these stained glass windows I grew up loving (my mom found them at an antique store way back before i was born). 

on the wall there is our brian andreas print kindred spirits. it was an engagement gift from brian's sister and fits us perfectly (and brian's dad even made the frame!). 

brian's sister also gave us this little wooden mobile home. 

and that gorgeous candelabra was one of the first things brian gave me! he showed up with it and the next day we went to this candle shop around the corner where the owner handmade all her candles! 

i also like to keep lots of branches in vases around the house. there's something about it that makes me feel like i'm letting the outside in and living with the trees. it's a great spot too for hanging little ornaments, my favorite earrings, or fortunes you get at restaurants.

this clock is one of my favorite pieces! it's another thing i grew up loving- a nestle clock my mom got from baking lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies. it came with a cookbook and the moon moves at the center and shows you the perfect thing to bake on any day, depending on the season. it's all set up here for open art studios. usually we have the digital picture frame loaded with more photos we've taken on trips.

our entire home has a bit of a country farm house feel, like you should always smell apple pie baking in the oven. i just love decorating that spot up above the cabinets too.

 currently, there's lots of these ceramic bird candle holders. i picked up nine of them on clearance from pier one our first year in this house. i was a bit crazy for being all martha stewart and decorating our table for thanksgiving that year and so everyone got a little bird beside their place setting.

 photo by Beth McWilliams

everything in our home really seems to have a story. and so it's the perfect place to showcase my paintings. we originally put these shelves up to display all of our vintage cookbooks, but when i started painted again last year, it became the spot for me to step back and see what i'd created. and it's become a lovely little gathering space for when people stop by.

this is brian and i at what felt like the wee hours of the morning on the second day of open art studios.


ps. i've been so blown away by all of your kindness about my big open art studios weekend and my curb interview + photoshoot! and to celebrate it all, i'm doing a GIVEAWAY on the lovely liv's blog choosing beauty on WEDNESDAY! stay tuned for more details!

pps. in case you missed it, the beautiful jan has an interview with me over on her blog hazelnut cottage! You can read it right here.


  1. I LOVE your space!!! All of it!! That beautiful natural light and your sliding glass door. LOVE IT!! That is so awesome that you guys put that in, and the patio too!
    Amazing! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. ooooh thanks for the sneak peak! I love having a nose, and you have a wonderful home and garden, how gorgeous AND the sun was shining. I wish it was here . . . .


  3. Your house is looking great (as are the two of you)!


  4. Lovely home Sweetie. so great to see where you create and live and contemplate. Adore your outside space too.... xx

  5. What a fun tour. Thank you! I adore your backyard and the way the light pours though your slider door. Sweet home!

  6. lovely home and studio tour, love the little patio you two laid, bet it is the perfect place for MOST seasons!! xo

  7. Juliette, you took great photographs, added great commentary, and you took a gracious step, blogging about it for us all to enjoy. It's like going on a home tour, only in virtual mode. Your art and your husband's music and all the things you have in common - shines in your setting. :-) Thank you for sharing.
    -- Davielle

  8. Lovely! Absolutely lovely. There is so much positive energy and love in your home--I adore how everything has meaning! What a warm and welcoming place. Thanks for sharing!

  9. My favorite pig and clock (the nestle one) around.

  10. Juliette, I love seeing your home! It's so light + lovely. You n your honey are so sweet. Love your additions + renovations! Congrats on all your exciting everything coming up!

    With love,

  11. Great interview on hazelnut cottage! I loved seeing the Starhawk quote...it is still my favorite, too.

  12. love your home!! full of light and art brilliant x

  13. that was a JOY to visit your home. so fun. i love the sweetness i can see between you and your hubby...it is very refreshing.
    you are so neat.

  14. Really beautiful. And quite the handsome couple. :) Thank you for sharing.

  15. How lovely to share your home with us. I so enjoyed my visit.

  16. What a beautiful home you have, I love the country feel and the fact that your house is just full of creativity, be it music or art, lovely!!! :0)

    So nice to see where you are inspired, thank you for sharing!!! I really enjoyed it!

  17. Your space is wonderful : ) Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love your home... it looks so comfortable and homey (but then I guess it would look homey)...

  19. I always enjoy seeing how an artist lives and where they create. Your home is lovely and I like that you have surrounded yourself with items you cherish and your art. I popped over to see your interview and feel you did a nice job...it is not easy being interviewed.:)

  20. You have such a nice home! Beautiful!

  21. Very nice home and work space. I love it and thx for sharing. Have a great week.

  22. Fun seeing your little tour. Love the house and yard is so beautiful! Lucky girl to have such a fabulous art making room too. :)

  23. thanks for sharing all that- love all that light, too! :)

  24. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it a lot!

  25. What a lovely space! I really enjoyed it!

  26. It's beautiful, so warm. I dont even know what to comment on.... everything is gorgeous, and your artwork is fabulous.

  27. woaw, happiness follows this blog, I saw your paintings on the wall photos are fantastic.

  28. you have such a beautiful home! And your paintings are amazing! It's so inspiring to see where talented souls like you create. :)

  29. love your home tour
    & pic of you & your love!

  30. wow, beatufil live and beauiful things!

  31. Ohhhhh I LOVE seeing where you live:D thanks for the tour...ps. you and your honey look so so happy and cozy together:D

  32. Love your house! Especially the big sliding door (and light coming in) and the patio. Nice job!

  33. What a nice look into your lovely home. As I was viewing all the photos, I kept thinking, but she doesn't have any of her own artwork on the walls? Until the last photo. And I didn't realize you only picked up painting again a year ago! Wow, you've been prolific. I hope the open studios went well.

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