vacation time! san francisco here i come!

TITLE: Sisters

before anything else, i wanted to say thank you so much for all of your kindness and good wishes for my upcoming article in somerset! i've just been over the moon with all of your comments and have to say that my kindness folder is overflowing! it's been so lovely to read everything and really makes me rest assured i am well on the right path! THANK YOU!

well, i'm off to san francisco tomorrow! my etsy shop will remain open while i am away, so you are free to place any orders, but they will start to ship when i return on September 17th. i won't be able to answer emails or convos as well, so please wait patiently until i return. 

that also means this will be my last post for a while. i'll be taking a week away from this little blog to shop boutiques, check out vineyards, explore the city, and hop in a jeep and roadtrip along the coast! i really need a little fun time because i've been working like a mad women over here and loving it all! but it's time to get away and rejuvenate! 

i'll be back with all sorts of stories to share with my first come back post up on Monday September 20th!

a good friend of mine moved to san francisco earlier this year and i've been wanting to visit her and just hang out for a long while! she's already booked us accommodations at this super fabulous-looking farmstay called Cow Track Ranch. and everyone has been leaving so many wonderful suggestions on my facebook post for places to visit and things to do. feel free to leave any other suggestions here too! i'm sure you'll have many and i can't wait to check them out!

TITLE: Sisters
before i go, i wanted to share with you this commissioned project i've been working on. this painting is very much about sisters and the history we share with our siblings. and how even though our lives evolve, there is still that shared history that you know, can appreciate, look back upon and love together.


  1. I love this painting!
    I love what you wrote about sisters. I would never have gotten through the last year and the death of my beautiful mom without my sister.
    Have a wonderful trip!
    Enjoy every minute!

  2. those sisters are soooo beautiful!!
    have a great san fran vacation, juliette! xox

  3. Juliette this painting is so beautiful! I love the colors and the texture! The sentiment about sisters is lovely.

    Have a wonderful vacation!! :)

  4. This painting is precious. I love all the details--the basket, the dogs, etc. and most especially the theme of sisters!

  5. so pretty!!
    Hope you have a lovely trip hun!!

    Micki x

  6. LOVE the sisters - have a fabulous trip!!!

  7. Your Sisters are lovely and I hope you have a wonderful trip and come back refreshed and inspired.

  8. i am all about the sisters!!!
    LOVE it!

    wishing you a magical time in San Fran.
    soak it ALL up!!! enjoy your time .... i can only imagine all of the inspiration that will be circling around you!!

    and a BIG GIGANTIC WHOOOOOT WHOOOOOOT to your article Somerset!
    you are so inspiring !!!


  9. lovely painting! those are the best kind. lots of sweetness.

    have a blast on your vacation. we will all be waiting to hear what fun you had!

  10. Really beautiful painting! I have a two younger sisters and having siblings really is a blessing. I wish you a lovely trip and congratulations of the somerset article!

  11. I saw your interview on Yesterday on Tuesday and just fell in love with your art. It is gorgeous and enchanting and charming. I am a new follower.
    504 Main

  12. i love your latest - i don't have any siblings (boo hoo!!!)
    Have a great time away

  13. Juliette your pieces are really lovely, the colours so rich and very poetic.
    All the best to you,
    Katrina xx

  14. I really like all the deep colors in this painting. Your characters always seem like they're carrying around secrets. It's something about their eyes.

  15. I love the star-shine-ness of this one...another lovely piece. Have a wonderful holiday. I am sooo excited to get the piece we bought:D I already have the place to hang it picked out:D

  16. I think you might like to connect with http://danitaart.blogspot.com/ you have a similar artistic sensibility. very lovely work

  17. Have a wonderful time in SF! One of my favorite places. The sister's painting is precious! xo

  18. Hi, Juliette. I haven't stopped by your blog since Flying Lessons. So glad to see you've been doing well. Such lovely paintings and so exciting about the Somerset article!!

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation!


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