back from san francisco + feeling so inspired

Alice's Nest cottage in Petaluma, CA. Photo by Jessica Yach

okay. is this not the cutest little red house? my friend Jess and i happen to have a knack for finding some really fun, random places to stay whenever we roadtrip together, and our travels in and around san francisco last week were no exception. 

we had such a fabulous time! and i hope you LOVE lots of gorgeous photos and sweet stories, because i have so much to share with you! and i'll be sharing it here with you all this week!

now i have to say, that when i left home on this san francisco trip, i was feeling REALLY anxious. i even thought, "why on earth do I need to go anywhere anyway? i've got work to do right here." 

i was so into my comfortable everyday. so much so that i'd really forgotten all of the little things i LOVE. 

 Jess in front of the Metro Hotel + Cafe in Petaluma, CA.

like traveling with good friends and finding random hotels, especially brilliant red ones filled with lots of french paintings and french food,

 Alice's Nest cottage in Petaluma, CA. Photo by Jessica Yach

connected to sweet little red houses with rainbow rugs and lavender bedrooms with skylights.

San Francisco, CA

 and wandering cities with incredible archetecture where every little detail and lovely color combination is inspiring,

and visiting flea markets, antique stores and vintage shops like the fabulous Ohmega Salvage in berkley.

that's where i remembered just how much i love random pairings like bamboo growing in paint peeling bathtubs,

 and, oh my goodness, how i delight in seeing chandeliers hanging in old barns and sheds, 

alongside stained glass lamps,


and amazing tiled floors that remind me of exquisite castles!

and then we headed straight to wine country!

Preston Vineyards of Dry Creek.

where i felt so at home sipping wine under blooming trellises,

 Photo by Jessica Yach

and eating the most beautiful organic strawberries, picked right from the garden!

 it's all of these little things i start to appreciate again whenever i travel. and all of the things i remember i LOVE and want more and more of in my everyday life!

i went on my little vacation knowing i wanted to return as "my most beautiful self." and now that i've returned feeling incredibly renewed and inspired, my goal is to incorporate that beauty back into my everyday. To remember to slow down and appreciate all of those little things again, and to know in each moment, things will work out just right without rushing or pushing, and that i deserve to take a break. often. to breath and enjoy every second of this remarkable journey.  

and i cannot wait to share the rest of it with you! 


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  1. great post! LOVE all your pics and places you visited! felt like i was right along with you.

  2. Welcome home Juliette! This is wonderful! Love all your pictures! Looks like you had a lovely time! :)

  3. I grew up in that area. How I miss it so! Thanks for sharing pics of your visit. I am glad you got to enjoy yourself and your visit with friends.

  4. How wonderful this sounds! It is so great to have that re-newed feeling. I love your pictures and chandeliers hanging in old barns and sheds just makes me happy to think about.


  5. how beautiful to look at this living art. i feel like i have just taken a vacation. and isn't there something spell-binding about red walls and red food?

  6. i know! i just adore red buildings in particular :)

  7. Great pictures Juliette! It sounds like a wonderful trip. I'd love to visit that area someday. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures.

  8. this is great! we should ALL remember to create moments like this. how can we forget?

  9. What a refreshing and renewing vacation! I'm glad you are sharing your pictures!

  10. Love your pics. I want to go there now!

  11. This is positively enchanting and so relaxing. I can see how you had a wonderful trip with your friend and found such fabulous things and places to visit. Happy memories...

  12. Such a wonderful post and i love that gorgeous red house!! I am soo happy you had a wonderful vacation! Welcome back. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  13. It was such a lovely trip. You should definitely visit. I've got lots more photos to share too!

  14. Yes, I love all the vacation shots, as well ... now I feel like I've been on a mini VC too , thanks 2 U

  15. I came and searched for this post again because I have exciting news!! :)


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