You Are Where You Need To Be

Painting this BIG painting was really a reminder to not hold back. 

Whenever I paint big, I feel like I am wasting paint. Because my process is so full of layers, a LOT goes into each piece. 

And this bear started off as a flower then evolved into a very elaborate lion before it got its crown and transformed into a bear.

I am so happy I decided to be bold and take chances with this painting. All of the layers really gave this bear his character. 

I had been so set on making this a flowering lion with an incredible mane made up of layers and layers of this incredible vintage wallpaper I'd just gotten from my sister-in-law.

I cut and pasted in all of these glorious colors and patterns. But the lion just was not fitting together.

He was cute. But I just wasn't attached. So I went ahead and covered up most of what I hated with black acrylic. 

And that left me with the bear's face and a piece of the background that I just could not cover up.


The bear's crown has layers and layers of meaning.

In 2011, I took class with Jesse Reno. It was an incredible journey that included a roadtrip to Big Sur, California. Completely life changing as I was able to plot out and plan my very first ecourse along the way. From there How To Pant An Owl was born.

And within what became this bear's crown, I'd added a little scrap from a painting I did in Jesse's class. 

In that scrap are the words "Little Owl." 

This painting is a reminder... You Are Where You Need To Be.


ps. If you're interested in painting together, find all of my online mixed media classes here.


  1. Il tuo lavoro è meraviglioso!!

  2. It's so cool and interesting to see your process. I love every phase of your painting!! I'm glad that you reached a place of contentment with the final outcome. The bear is so sweet. --Also comforting to read that you worry about things like wasting paint, too. Those little whispers are difficult to keep quiet so that you can just be in the flow and see where the layers take you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us by sharing your process!

  3. I always worry about wasting paint too, and it's so stifling when I give into that fear. I try to remember everything has it's purpose, even if it gets covered up, it still contributes to the piece in the end. Love your little bear guy-through all his phases. :)

  4. Oh my your paintings are absolutely beautiful!


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