New Mixed Media Painting: FIREFLY & Letting Go

This was one of those magical paintings where everything just fell into place.

Sometimes I find that the character's disposition, eyes, background story or color just fits.

But every once in a while I'm in a groove, not thinking and just following instincts and a new character emerges, seemingly perfectly.

So often for me that falling into place has to do with painting outside.

It is seriously my very favorite thing. To drag out all of my art supplies onto a sheet of canvas on our backyard patio and paint all day is absolute bliss.

And that happiness and ease always seems to get transferred into my paintings.

Now I must say, this girl did start out as a lion. But it wasn't the kind of painting where I pushed to make it a lion.

It simply was a lion, then I didn't like the papers I'd added or the face, so I ripped it off. And from out of the torn paper, I found the girl. And she came back with lightening bugs streaming from her head.

And so she got her story...

With past, comes layers of beauty inside. Share and shine them bright like the light of the FIREFLY.

Have a wonderful weekend!



ps. If you've been thinking about having fun with mixed media, my new online course SERENDIPITY begins September 16, 2013.

This is the class where we'll be painting a little bit of everything for an entire year... owls, girls, imaginary creatures and so much more!


  1. I really love seeing the progression of your paintings and how your characters emerge out of all the layers. So cool! This one is wonderful! Happy Weekend!

  2. SO fun! Thanks for showing us how you got there! LOL! I look at her and see a frustrated fast food worker with a crown on her head, standing in front of her cash register.

  3. I love the look of wonder on her face. :)


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