Beauty In Unknown- a NEW Painting

Beauty In Unknown. Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my shop.

This bear started out as a lion and evolved into a girl before finding itself as a black bear.

It always seems that when I am not sure what character to paint, I go back to painting whatever character I had painted last.

And in this case, I had last painted a lion.

A few weeks had already passed, which is pretty unusual. Normally the art is just gushing out of me. 

But on my recent trip to California, I found I just had no inspiration to do artwork. I could only write.

Still, I tried to paint. And so this piece started as a flowering lion.

Beauty In Unknown. Original (SOLD).
Prints available in my shop.

All of my painting inspiration came rushing back as soon as I returned home to springtime in Wisconsin.

And again, since the two pieces I did finish in California were both girls, I turned my lion into a girl.

Yet it wasn't until I got completely frustrated with this piece, finding it so ugly I didn't care if I ruined it, that I then splattered it with india ink.

And from there the black and white bear came out of the canvas and got its story...

A girl in resistance grows a bear nose and ears, turning black and white while the world around her vibrates with color and meaning.


ps. I had an extraordinary time teaching with Mindy Lacefield and Danielle Daniel this last week... I can't wait to share everything with you soon!


  1. That face is full of expression and loving the "black bear", although I kinda liked the girl with the pouting mouth too! The paint must have barely dried before it was sold! Thanks for sharing the process.

  2. Love the green on the face. You make such pretty and sweet paintings.
    Liefs, Melanie

  3. I like seeing the evolution of your painting!

  4. Your pictures are very sweet and charming. Beautiful and imaginative work.


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