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"A great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of thought, deep freighted with truth and beauty." --Pablo Neruda 


I’m writing to you from springtime in Wisconsin, where I’ve been painting like crazy in my backyard, surrounded by tulips and daffodils blooming in my gardens. I just returned from a month on the Southern California coast (photos coming soon) where I expected to be painting on the beach... but alas, I could not paint.

Instead, I found myself rereading and editing my novel I wrote four years ago about a girl who can jump into her drawings.

And when I got to the end, I realized I had completely cut out the Snooters!

I was so burned out by writing critiques when I finished my novel that I no longer knew my own voice. I boxed my imagination in to fit stories that had already been written.

Luckily, I put that novel aside and the Snooters came out in my paintings last year. Now I know they must play a big role in my novel. They might even lead me to writing another book. Either way I am excited to see where they take me as I continue my rewrites.

What Is Calling You?
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When I began my Snooter paintings, I had been creating lots of owls and girls. I felt really stuck with my art and wanted to paint a new character. 

I brushed the mod podge over the bleeding art tissue paper I’d used in my background, despite loads of layers of acrylic paint, oil pastels and ink, and the bright paper showed through, making the character look luminous.

I realized then, I’d painted a character from my novel. 

I’d painted a Snooter of the Backwoods, the characters my protagonist is told never to talk to or trust. And once I painted one Snooter, I couldn’t stop. 

I fell in love with each one and their unique personalities.

The What Is Calling You Snooter (above) is the nicest of the three. He’s the most curious and can never tell a lie. 

Step Back, Have Patience
Prints available in my etsy shop.

The Step Back, Have Patience Snooter is taller than tall, looking down on all and always pretending not to hear what you’ve asked. 

Prints available in my etsy shop.

This Dream Snooter became one that doesn’t want to talk with you, but will say a few words and then try to walk away. His composure is more like a brick wall and the weather always mirrors his emotions.

Seeing each of these Snooters in my paintings reminded me to get back to writing my novel. 

After four years of setting it aside, my paintings helped me know the characters and gave a new depth to the story in ways I never could have planned.

Now I am ready to share this story with the world and to give it all of the imagination and whimsy it deserves.

But to see my Snooter paintings in print in the May/June issue of Somerset Studio magazine along with an article I wrote on the process... it's a dream come true!

It all feels like magic, reminding me that timing is everything. 

And I am so excited to see just where my creativity takes me next.

Have a wonderfully, inspired weekend! 


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  1. That is so great! The paintings, the fact that you wrote a novel, the snooters, and this story right here on this page! So exciting. Congratulations. It must feel dreamy.

  2. Love your work! And the processes you go through. Congratulations on writing your novel, I think it's going to be fantastical! :) You are very inspirational. I've been working on a childrens book of my own that I wrote about 4 years ago and I often pick it up then have a break and work on it again. When I wrote it I didn't feel like my art was quite there yet but I'm slowly getting the confidence to put it all together!

    Thanks for sharing your journey! :)

  3. Juliette you are doing beautiful and amazing works. Love to see all the wonderful things that are coming your way . . . can't wait for the book to be in my hands one day soon. Sending you all the best life has to offer you!

  4. I can't wait to see where you go, Juliette...exciting to be invited along for the ride! I love your Snooters! ♥

  5. Congratulations! I keep feeling that going with what you like and what you dream up is the best way...obviously, your Snooters had to show you they were needed. :o) I need to go with what I like and dream up, too! Oh, how I need to start! Keep going, Juliette! What a thrill!


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