Registration Opens Tomorrow & 9 Inspirations

i can’t thank you enough for all of your support and kindness. and to celebrate, i'm opening registration for HOW TO PAINT AN OWL 2 tomorrow with a very special EARLY BIRD SALE... this weekend only. sign up for my newsletter if you'd like a little reminder in your inbox

there will also be a few PRINT and PAPER PACKS (SOLD OUT). these are bundles of some of my favorite owls to keep you inspired and a mix of my favorite papers that I play with in my own artwork. i hope they inspire you too! 

Registration Opens at 6AM EST TOMORROW (March 15, 2013)!

in the meantime, here are 9 THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN INSPIRING ME...

Stopping to smell the roses,

carrot, apple, ginger juice and the bunny cup i had as a child,

having fresh flowers around my home,

listening to the birds,

painting big again,

banana pancakes,

savoring the little things,

rereading the 298 page novel I finished 4 years ago and have looked at since,

and reading picture books about girls with antlers.


ps .sign up for my newsletter for a little reminder when registration opens and to get in on the EARLY BIRD SALE.

pps. i'll be posting new owl paintings to my facebook page soon. 


  1. Thanks for the MORNING INSPIRATION!!!!!!!

    1. so happy to hear you enjoyed it, sue! have a lovely weekend!


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