NEW Mixed Media Painting: True Calling

Original Painting (SOLD)
Prints available in my etsy shop.

when this character started to come into view, i already had the wings in place.

but when i saw a bear in the face, my mind immediately second-guessed it. i've learned though to let my imagination go and see what happens. and now i simply love this bear with wings.

to create this painting i used all sorts of supplies from my studio...vintage wallpaper, book pages, acrylics, paint markers, ink, shiva paintsticks and water soluble oil pastels.

i softened the entire background around the bear to allow the color of its body to shine. but once i had the soft background, the piece seemed to be missing something and i immediately thought of a moon.

as i painted the moon's face on vintage book pages, the painting seemed to get its story between the two characters.

Original Painting (SOLD)
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this bear has been on a long journey to earn its wings, knowing that even when the outlook seems scariest there is always comfort in following your TRUE CALLING.


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  1. I love this painting so much! Just beautiful!

  2. NICE close-ups of this FINE WORK!!!!!!

  3. I like the fine details and colours you have used in this piece Juliette. Your bear looks very resolute and serious about his calling. Sweet :)

  4. I just absolutely love the colors in this one!


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