6 NEW Art Supplies I'm Currently Loving

i love finding new art supplies. 

whenever i try out and layer new supplies i come up with new ideas and characters. and it really gets my creativity and playfulness going.

here are a few of my favorite new art supplies...

Gold leaf (i love applying it with a stencil and golden's gel medium),

vintage lace table runners (perfect for stenciling with spray paint),

liquitex inks (so fun for adding a sheer layer of color),

sequins, glitter and anything shimmering,

wax pellets (perfect for creating encaustics in small areas),

vintage book pages (so fun for drawing on with india ink and using as a sketchbook).


What Are Your Favorite Art Supplies? I'd be delighted to know and will most definitely try them out.


ps. if you'd like to play with more art supplies, all of my online courses are now available as self-paced, instant access classes and the classroom stays open until january 2014...so there's plenty of time to paint! 

pps. i'll be taking a break and closing my etsy shop on friday february 8 and reopening on march 1. if you've had your eye on something, please be sure to place your order right here


  1. I love inks too. I like to drip them and spray water on the drips to see what patterns the water creates. Vintage music paper is also a favorite!

    1. love the random-ness you can get with all of those drips!

  2. I love working with sculpey clay! I have never used inks such as those, I use the calligraphy pen and ink nib in my watercolors though!

  3. oh I never thought about doing encaustic in a little area... And metal leaf - yes, I love that stuff. :)


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