NEW Mixed Media Painting: Listen To The Stars

Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

i have seriously been loving to paint girls lately. especially red-headed girls.

whenever i paint girls, they've always been self-portraits. but these new girls seem to have a much deeper story. one that i'm not even aware of until i finish the painting.

i love it when the paint and character just sort of mold into a story i need to share. 

but i've only been able to share it by really letting go and not thinking too much.

Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop.

this girl took a lot of false starts. 

i covered her up so many times, that i ended up putting book pages and tissue paper down over her face, which normally i don't like to do because i've disliked the lines and creases that often show through.

but adding that layer of papers gave me definition for this girl's head and face. and from there, this painting fell right into place.

and since i've been spending lots of evenings staring at the stars, her story completely made sense...

from a far away land, this woman comes into everyone's life, just when they need it most, urging them to stay calm and LISTEN TO THE STARS. 

have a lovely weekend!


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pps. i am SO excited to be teaching at the Lucky Star Art Retreat October 9-13! 

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  1. Your REd HEADS are so Special....They really POP off the post!
    Please visit my POST at:
    I love your blog...THANKS!

  2. very nice!! I always enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Your imagery always speaks to me, Juliette. This one is special. ♥

  4. Love your "Listen to the stars" girl! Love all the close ups too so very beautiful! Excellent excellent workper you usual, not that your work is usual it's beyond that way beyond that! I had my owls sitting in my studio one day and my two friends were looking at my stuff and one picked up your prints and oogled them. I had to tell her they were not mine and she could not have them! I bought those for myself. Actually I diod mkake smaller copies and cut and framed them for a handicapped friend of mine who loves owls. I was going to give her the original prints and decided I needed to keep them for myself. I think I am eventually going to hang them in my stairway with the family photos framed! I know copying them isn't what I am sapossed to do but I had to make them smaller to fit into the opening frame I bought for her and I simply coulkd not chop the originals. So don't hate me. I am finally doing some printing of my own works Juliette. So we'll see how that goes, this way I can be more affordable for everyone. Hopefully there will be some everyones. eVENTUALLY i WANT TO TAKE A CLASS WITH YOU BUT RIGHT NOW WORKING ON THE life Book and trying to do larger works to sell. Hugs and congratualtions on being invited to teach at that retreat! You're awesome! Sanna

  5. That's so lovely, Juliette :)
    And thank you for sharing how you dealt with getting stuck, that always helps!

  6. The Listen to the Stars girl is very special - she has a wonderful expression. And congratulations on the Lucky Star retreat teaching opportunity!


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