A Favorite RECIPE: Baked Okra

i love cooking and i especially love cooking with and eating local foods. 

and okra is one of my favorite vegetables. 

i'm really not a fan of vegetables, so i tend to throw them in a blender with a frozen banana and make green smoothies or mix up a vegetarian soup

every summer, i always look forward to getting okra in our csa (community supported agriculture). but last season, i'd been so disappointed when a hot and dry summer meant that the okra didn't grow. 

so when i found it at the farmer's market here in florida where i'm painting for the next few weeks, i bought as much as i could eat.

and this is my favorite baked okra recipe. it's super easy and quick to make. 



-soak okra in cold lemon water for 20 minutes.
-drain and rinse. then toss the okra with a bit of good olive oil, salt and pepper (to taste).
-spread out on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 until tender.

serve warm. i love to add a little extra shake of jumbo sea salt at the end.



ps. i'll be sending out my newsletter later this week with a special valentine's day coupon inside. 


  1. hmm...I can't say that I've ever tried Okra before - makes me want to give it a go!

  2. i love orka but i love the bad stuff fried okra, fried squash and fried eggplant. i don't have it too often now. i loved when i ate fried food and didn't know it was bad for you. fay


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