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a few weeks ago i took time to hide out in a cabin in the woods and paint and write. it was a perfect time to really focus on some big projects i'm REALLY excited about. 

if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know i've been writing a memoir to document my life as an artist this year. at first i was being really hard on myself to write. and it was especially tricky when i felt like nothing exciting was really going on, so what on earth did i have to write about? 

well, with a little letting go and being open to the creativity that really wanted to flow, i stepped back from the memoir project and really looked at what i was having fun writing.

that's the way i approach my painting process, especially when i'm stuck...to look at and return to what i have the most fun with. and that changes all of the time. sometimes sketching will my favorite thing, creating backgrounds, working with oil pastels or finger-painting. but if i stop having fun with my artwork, i know it won't have any life. 

and that's what started happening when i forced my writing. the stories felt too contrived, plus i wasn't enjoying the process. yet every morning i wake up and journal. it's a process that helps ease my mind and set my intentions for the day. and i always love it.

taking a cue from ekhart tolle in his book a new earth, he mentions that he simply sets time to show up and write, whether he writes anything in those hours or not. he makes sure to show up with the intention to write. so, that's been the impetus for my new writing process. and since i was already showing up to journal each morning, i started using that time to be open to writing stories i needed to share in my memoir too.

it's been incredibly fun and free-ing, not putting so much pressure on myself. and the memoir is evolving into so much more that i can't wait to share with you!


ps. here's a little sneak peek at what i was up to this weekend...painting and recording videos for my next online painting workshop! i usually record videos in my studio at a table, but since i've been painting so much outside in the backyard, i knew the studio table just wouldn't do. so i turned my kitchen floor into an art and video recording studio!

i've been getting so many emails with questions regarding my life as an artist and creative process, that i've decided to address some of your biggest concerns in my next online workshop!  

what is YOUR biggest challenge when it comes to creating? i'd love to hear your thoughts. click here to answer 2 quick questions (and there's a gift for you too!). thank you for sharing!


  1. Lovely photographs. The lake photo makes me think of 'On Golden Pond', one of my favourite films, with some beautiful nature photography in it, like yours. Enjoyed your post.

    1. i haven't seen that film...sill add it to my list :) thanks for the recommendation!!!

  2. Your artwork looks so yummy! I'm excited to see the new class and your memoir when it's all done. I know how much you love writing. I'm so glad you found a method that works and keeps the flow going!


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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