a NEW Mixed Media Owl Painting

TITLE: Look Within. Prints available in my etsy shop.

This owl is the wisest in the land. The one everyone goes to and presents with their deepest questions. And every time his answer is the same...LOOK WITHIN.

This owl started off rather timid. I hadn't painted an owl in a while, and I was still longing to recreate my stolen painting SHE STANDS OUT. So i kept going back to that old owl's shape and style. 

I liked a lot of the depth and pattern that was happening in the background. And the moon really worked. Yet I knew the owl, especially his eyes, just wasn't a reflection of me.

So I went for it and covered up the owl's face and eyes. I kept that high eyebrow line and loved the way it went with all of the new patterned elements and colors.

Bit by bit this owl came together. And in letting go, I was able to find my character and truly express myself. 


ps. i created a new widescreen version of my SHE STANDS OUT owl for laptop skinz in my society 6 shop...check it out along with all of the other designs right here!

pps. my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL e-course is now open for registration and begins March 30!


  1. Dearest sweet Juliette, such a beautiful story and he is so lovely! I am loving the colors so much! Thanks so much for sharing your process with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

    1. thank you! that red with blue have always been my favorites :)

      have a lovely week!

  2. Beautiful and so wise...I think this is my fav so far! xo

  3. How delicious is this little owl? love it Juliette!

  4. thank you so much! he did just look like a wise old sage of an owl to me...

    almost finished repainting my studio, then it's back to more creating! can't wait :)

  5. oh I just love the blue & red combo! gorgeous!

  6. I think he is my favorite of all your owls ... he's wonderful to look at ... seeing him makes me want to paint another owl, they are so fun. I definitely like the colors this one has and his posture :)

    1. it's almost as if he's not an owl but another creature...i;m imagining his bigger story and the world in which he lives...there's a book in there, i think :)


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