8 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Sailboats (by duncan mcclellan),

carefully plotted sandcastles,

trees with prickly bark,

handmade nameplates,

iced peppermint tea,

shimmery sinks,


my grandfather's tool box,

and fish tacos!


Registration is Open for my online mixed media painting class, HOW TO PAINT AN OWL! Class starts March 30. Find all of the details and register here. I can't wait to paint together!


  1. I seriously get so excited when you post what inspires you. Their my favorite blog posts honestly. I'd love to do this idea myself but would feel like I'm copying off of your idea! I really look forward to seeing them! :)

    1. thank you so much! taking photos is something that keeps me inspired and posting them here makes me make sure to shoot them and notice things whenever i'm out. i'm sure you could come up with your own version too...i'd love to see what's inspiring you :)

      have a lovely weekend!
      xo, juliette

  2. georgous photos! that sink is amazing, i'm also loving the white sand! xo


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