the lovliest cat

TITLE: Gidamba. mixed media painting

a very good friend asked me to paint this piece in honor of her lovely cat, gidamba.

i was a little concerned, painting a cat, but i absolutely loved capturing him all happy and content beside his favorite tree. it was funny too, because when i first started this painting i imagined gidamba to be human with a cat's head. i thought of him lounging in a hawiian shirt and playing a yukalelee as he lounged beside the tree. 

but once i got to painting, there was no way. gidamba was to be a cat, absolutely! 



  1. The lovliest cat indeed! he looks like he is about to tell a story -
    Fab work Juliette!

  2. I like drawings of animals to look a bit human anyway! Very sweet! :o)
    Jess x

  3. oh, This is so you!!! If I saw this anywhere I would know it's yours! How fun and awesome, and great!

  4. awww this painting is amazing
    i love so much this cat
    it's so cute :)


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