red shoes, vintage shops + things!

with the holidays and new year coming up so soon, i've been looking through lots of old photos. sometimes it's amazing to see just what has happened in a few short years. more on that in my end of the year post...coming soon...

it seems i've always adored red shoes. nearly every pair i now own is red. after lots of searching, i finally found these perfect red leather high tops (from el naturalista)! 

and in nearly all of my old photos, i'm wearing red! i'd love a new pair of these bright red knee-socks, red pajamas with feet, and this red velvet dress that was always my very favorite no matter what the occasion! 

it seems i've always adored characters that are nearly as big as me too! 

painted plates available via hatch art house
i've been doing a bit of vintage shopping lately too. i was lucky enough to find these new white plates and can't wait to paint them.! i've been having so much fun with porcelaine 150 ceramic paints from pebeo. just paint and bake in your home oven! so fun!

we found these 25 cent albums...i'd been searching for a few classical records to round out our vinyl collection and was so amazed to find my favorite vivaldi album along with this gorgeous lion painting on a bach cover!

and i came across one of brian's favorites...bobby bare. i'm kind of loving that cowboy hat!

i'm still attempting to paint a crane. these crane earrings have been completely inspiring me. i'd met a lovely girl at my bloom bake shop opening and she was interested in one of my prints...i was loving her earrings, so we traded right on the spot. and i've been wearing these every since!

i hope you had a lovely weekend!

i spent lots of time reading and gift wrapping too...and i even went bowling! i forgot just how much i loved it! 

what did you do this weekend? 


  1. Oh my gosh, I adore those plates! Such lovely works of art!

    Also, red is an amazing color! I think all girls secretly want to wear red shoes all the time!

  2. it would be so lovely to see everyone in red sparkled shoes :)

    happy holidays!

  3. I love red shoes too and they feature loads in fairy tales! Such creativity and fun in your life right now. I had to list out my life's adventures in my latest blog post as there is so much craziness going on!

    Merry Christmas wishes,


  4. LOVE those art nouveau-style earrings!

  5. Oh man, those shoes are SO YOU.

  6. i was so excited to find those earrings!

    and those red shoes were exactly what i was looking for...i ordered 12 pairs of red shoes from zappos and was so happy to find one that was super comfortable and sweet!

    happy holidays!

  7. So nice to stumble upon you here from Pinterest!I have been waffling as to whether or not to do Life Book and here you are one of the instructors. I am taking it as a sign...

  8. that's so fun to hear, julie...i hope to see you in class :) best wishes to you!!!

  9. Hi Juliette, I've been meaning to pop on over here for so long now and tell you "I love your owls", they have such warmth, beauty, love and well if only I could cuddle one, they're just delightful and have so much character (o:
    Those red boots look so very comfy, enjoy and wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Liza xxx

  10. Love your painted plates - your work looks so gorgeous on them. Happy Holidays honey! xx

  11. I always had red shoes as a kid and have only 3 pairs of red shoes now ... I've been on the look out for red mary-janes. I've been searching for YEARS to find the perfect pair. I think I need to design shoes, they just don't make what I want. Then again had I been born in the 20's I'd get to wear everything I love because it would be easily available! I think I had a smaller version of that big doll :)


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