new book recommendations for the holidays!

akata witch by Nnedi Okorafor

i'm currently reading this book, akata witch by author Nnedi Okorafor. it's completely full of such imagination! and since i've had it on my mind to get back into writing and combining my art with words, i'm diving into lots of literature for inspiration too!

shades of milk and honey, by mary robinette kowal

i just finished this wonderful read, shades of milk and honey, by mary robinette kowal. it's very Jane Austin, but filled with lots of art and magic! definitely a perfect read for a bit of time off over the holidays!


  1. Juliette this is a perfect post for this morning, i'm going to the book shop to pick out my Christmas book! I love that week between Chirstmas and New year, perfect for lazing and reading and eating chocolate!!
    Have a lovely Christmas,
    ~Felicia~ www.scrapzville.com

  2. Thank you so very much for this info Juliette! I am always looking for good books, and my cyber♥s never let me down. Cant wait to escape!
    Warmest Wishes of Joy for 2012 :)

  3. I've started reading books to my little guy and, as I admire the artwork in them, I keep thinking you would write and illustrate an amazing kids' picture book!

  4. definitely the perfect time for eating chocolate with a good book :)

    i know there is a book bubbling inside of me...if you have any recommendations for good reads, please pass them on!

    happy holidays!

  5. Thank you for passing these on Juliette! I'll be looking for more fiction in the new year. : )

    Happy holidays!


  6. How perfect! I'll check it. How wonderful that you will combine art and writing...I know you will do great! Keep up the dreams and the faith ,Juliette! You are such a talented girl! Enjoy your readings!

  7. Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes et une douce nuit de noël à vous et à tous ceux que vous aimez.
    Gros bisous.


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