watching oprah and buying art supplies in chicago!

i love visiting cities without any sort of agenda or timeline! that's always when i happen upon the most exciting adventures!

when i got into chicago the night before my blogging your way meet-up, i had no idea how i'd be spending my evening. i decided to wander down state street and visited some of my favorite shops...like anthropologie and dick blick. 

then, just when i had no idea where i'd end up next, i remembered a chicago chocolate shop that had been featured during oprah's life class ...a cute little place where they watched life class each week!

kilwins chicago

well, with that one thought, i was on my way!

i walked all the way from downtown to old town. and i can hardly say how exciting the journey was! i stopped at every little place that caught my eye until i got to kilwins!

and what better welcome then to be offered ice cream (the most delicious scoop of cookies and cream) and a cup of coffee! then, at the back of the shop, everyone was watching the show, and i was lucky enough to meet two fabulous ladies....jackie, owner of kilwins chicago...

snazzy sugar

and sandra, owner of snazzy sugar, a sweet little bakery in chicago! 

it's always lovely to meet other business owners. and it was so nice to watch oprah's life class and webcast together and chat about it all! 

palmer house, chicago

at the end of the evening, i came back to my hotel and enjoyed wine in this gorgeous lobby! i could just look up at this ceiling forever!

it's always inspiring to happen upon new places and experiences and to just soak it all in! i so can't wait to visit chicago again!


may your week be filled with inspiration!


  1. Thank you for the journey, splended. I hope you werent lying on the floor after your wine staring at the ceiling (just joking:)with u)

  2. just loved watching and meeting all of the people in the lobby :)

  3. Oh my yummy yummy to all those sweetie things! Cannot wait to catch up with you on skype next week - its been far far far too long. So much to catch up on. Love to you xxxx


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