returning to home

by the looks of my most recent photos, i'd say i've been spending lots of time lounging in the grass and collecting wildflowers. well, i can at least say, i've been spending as much time as possible doing these things. 

hence, all of these photos of great pumpkins (this one is most sincere), and time in the flower garden, reading in the backyard, enjoying the baby bunnies playing about (i know there's a painting in there somewhere, just haven't been able to create it yet), and being patient as our first-ever tomatoes ripen. 

it all feels like a very good time and place to be.

.............................* on monday, i'll be posting about my time in chicago this week, meeting Oprah and Ekhart Tolle!!!!** for anyone in madison, tonight i'll be at a little art opening for my show at Bloom Bake Shop in Middleton as part of their Be Local event! Stop by and say hello!
Oct 14, 630-9PM
1834 Parmenter; Middleton, Wisconsin


  1. Love your photos of your surroundings. The green tomatoes are pretty and love the bunny! I've been wanting to paint, but it's been so pretty here in Las Vegas, that I spend most of my time outdoors being lazy. Maybe I need to just bring my art outside, or maybe I just need to sit here and drink my hot apple cider and watch the birds. :-) Happy weekend to you!

  2. Beautiful photos! Nature is alive and breathing around you. Thanks so much.

  3. I Love Ekhart Tolle, I have an obsession with self-help books ... I like to call them "Self-Enhancement" books though :) I had a life-coach for 2.5 years. It completely changed my life and I achieved all I wanted. I'm sure I will go back to it periodically as I enjoyed it. I kinda broke the code so to speak and became good friends with my coach, but I would not trade that for the world :) Looking forward to hear about Oprah and Ekhart!


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