roadtrip to st paul, minnesota!

well, i'm off to the creative connection event in st paul, minnesota! so excited to see lots of friends i've been missing and to meet all sorts of new people too! i'm especially excited because i'll be showing my textile designs and artwork to this amazing panel of experts and roundtable participants!

textile design is something i've always thought about, but never done before. so when i got the call that a slot had opened up... of course i said yes! 

since i've never tried pattern design before, and the thought alone made my belly get a bit weary, i decided to make the entire process really fun (something i had to keep on reminding myself it was all supposed to be as i went along). 

when i met the lovely rachel taylor at the do what you love retreat last may, she mentioned that she always doodled in her garden to get ideas and come up with her gorgeous designs. so, taking her advice, i went out into my backyard with all of my favorite sketching supplies (india ink, charcoal, pencils and sharpies) and i started playing with designs that might fit into my patterns. i also pulled out orla kiely's book PATTERN for inspiration.

here's a little sneak peek at everything! 

i'll be back soon with stories from my trip...wish me luck! and do say hello if you're at the conference too! i'd love to meet you!

have a wonderful weekend!!!


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** on monday i have a super sweet little project i've been working on that i cannot wait to share with you...little pocket journals, featuring my art and embellished with some of my favorite vintage papers and gold stitching! i can't resist...i'll be adding them to my shop on monday!


  1. Good luck at the event! Love the pocket journals!

  2. These look awesome! Love the repeated patterns!
    :) Julie

  3. I live in MN!! Infact I work in St. Paul ... I love your blog, especially your owls! I've been trying to come up with my own owl critter, but yours are so beautiful. Its chilly here!! :)

  4. be safe traveling.

    Have you tried picking elements out of painting, or putting them in half-drop repeats? It would be interesting to try as it would get rid of the square or blockiness of the pattern,.

  5. Dearest sweet Juliette, i hope you had a wonderful inspiring time at creative connection! Wish i could be there too...can't wait to hear more of it from you.
    Oh my i am loving your textile designs...so beautiful! Happy monday and have a lovely merry happy week! Love to you!

  6. i do have some like that, andy...they were so fun to do! i'll have to post those too :)

  7. thank you! it was pretty chilly in st paul...perfect for tights and tall boots :)

  8. Cool! Would love to hear how it went!


Feel free to say hello and ask questions. I would be delighted to hear from you! xo -juliette

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