owl notecard collection

i've been wanting to do a collection of owl notecards for some time and now they're finally in the shop for all to peruse and purchase! 

in between sunflowers on the kitchen table...

watching twin peaks and picnicing in the backyard...

and lots of lovely dumplings, spring rolls and wontons from my new favorite restaurant...

these cards have been on my mind...

and spread out all over the kitchen table too.

they come with the perfect blue paper bag envelopes and each owl's story written on the back.

so excited with how these turned out!


  1. Me, too! They look amazing..and those blue envies are a perfect match while also letting them stand out of the crowd!

    Very cool, Juliette :D

  2. Dearest sweet juliette, these note cards are so beautiful! A wonderful collection. :) Oh and im loving your pretty sunflower. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  3. Your art is amazing Juliette. I doubt you remember but I sat next to you on a plane a few months ago - we talked a little, you told me about your art/website, I told you that I was a Ph.D. and worked for a software company but I liked to write, then you suggested that I quit and start working for myself. Well I did and I love it. Thanks :) Keep creating. I look forward to owning a piece of your work soon!

  4. that is so fabulous, Isaiah! I completely remember you and am so happy you did it! I really needed to hear that right now too...thank you for reminding me just why I'm here and helping me stay on my own path :)

    Keep me posted on things! Good luck with it all!


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