New Art Boxes in My Shop!

I had so much fun creating these jewelry boxes. They are more collection boxes, as you can put anything inside. I just gifted one to a friend in LA so she can collect fall leaves when visiting the Midwest.

Each box is a little mixed media collage. I cut out paper circles that corresponded to the original paintings and added them along with pastels, glitter, acrylics and a high quality reproduction of one of my paintings. On top, I applied a decoupage finish to protect the collage from the elements. They are all available in my ART SHOP. Enjoy!


  1. Oh! They are all so beautiful! They are treasures boxes!

    Looking forward to seing more of them!


  2. wonderful boxes. you're so creative!

  3. OMG!! How delicious are these little babies. They are so bright and wonderful. You are going to be sold out before you know it. Beautiful. thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love them...and such a great idea to collect leaves!

  5. These boxes are great - the jewel is my particular favourite!

  6. love these little boxes, especially the one with the little girl that's on your banner. also, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words.


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